A Malfoy Love Affair

Vanessa Malfoy, Draco Malfoy's cousin, has been living with Draco and his family for her whole life. When Harry finally gets the courage to ask Vanessa out their biggest problem is Draco and making sure he doesn't find out.


6. One Big Long Adrenaline Pumping Scavenger Hunt (Hagrid Style)


The next morning I woke up and got ready into my Slytherin uniform and went downstairs to find Draco sitting at the edge of the couch holding his head in his arms.


"Draco, are you okay?"


"Me? I'm fine, I was worried about you. You just went up without saying goodnight."


"Oh, yeah that. I just wasn't feeling good."


"You know you don't have to go to the dance with Blaise if you don’t want to."


"No, I'll give him one more chance but only one. He is not aloud to hug me or kiss me until the dance, I just, I just want to take things slow okay."


"Fine by me, as long as you're okay. Let's go down to eat, we have double Care of Magical Creatures with the Gryffindors first and we'll need to be well fed, we don’t know what Hagrid will have in mind for us this time, maybe another killer hippogriff," said Draco a bit angrily. All I could do was smile. "You think it's funny that I almost died?" he asked.


"Oh come on Draco, we both know that it was harmless, you were not going to die, you just pretended so Ron would have to write up your reports, and you didn't listen to the instructions either, you insulted Buckbeak straight away."


"Are you defending a Hippogriff Vanessa, what's gotten into you?"


"Yes I am, and nothing's 'gotten into me', I just think you should pay attention in class. And I like that class, we get to go outside and learn about animals, you love animals Draco."


"Yea well not everyone is aloud to look at me like some boy who is so kind and loving towards animals, I have a reputation to uphold," he said smugly while fixing his posture. I just rolled my eyes as we sat down to eat. Every time Blaise tried to talk to me I turned my back on him and continued eating and talking to Draco. I guess Harry noticed because he kept looking at Blaise and I curiously. Draco and I just laughed and talked about classes and the Halloween Ball. When we were done with breakfast we got up and made our way towards Hagrid's hut. When we were at Hagrid's hut  Hagrid was still busy whit something and he told us to 'chat amongst ourselves and he'll be ready in just a moment'.


"You know I'm so glad your younger than me Vanessa because then I can call you my kid sister," said Draco wrapping his arm around my head and messing up my hair with his other hand.


"Oh come on Draco, I'm only twelve days younger than you," I said loosening his grip and fixing my hair.


"Well you're still younger than me so you have to listen to me."


"No I don't."


"First thing…"


"I'm not going to listen to you, age doesn't matter…"


"And that's what you'll be saying when you're 30."


"Oh shut up Draco," I said giving him a hug. Just then Hagrid came to us and told us what to do and he put us into groups.


"Ahem," he said clearing his throat so people would quiet down, "In the spirit o' Halloween I've decided to save you the lecture and I've made a li'le treasure hunt. You'll be in groups o' four n yer gonna have a look in the forbidden forest, I've told some o' the centaurs to help you out if you need it so if a centaur asks you if you need help you can get help. First lemme put you in yer groups, now the houses 'll be a bit mixed up 'cause there're different numbers here. Draco Malfoy, yer gonna be with Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle, n Blaise Zabini. Neville Longbottom, Dean Thomas, Seamus Finnigan, n Parvati Patel 'll all be together. Pansy Parkinson, Terence Higgs, Adrian Pucey, n Marcus Flint. Harry Potter, yer gonna be with Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, n Vanessa Malfoy."


After he said this I stopped listening and looked at Harry who was smiling, then I looked at Draco who looked like he was going to punch someone in the face.


"He put you with Harry? How dare he, wait till my father hears about this…" started Draco whispering.


"Oh Draco calm down, I can take care of myself you go have fun, and stop taking everything to Lucius," I said trying to calm him down, it didn’t really work.


"But you're going to be walking around with them Vanessa…"


"And I will be fine Draco, go find your group," I said walking towards Harry, Ron, and Hermione who greeted me rather nicely which probably annoyed Draco more.


"So, Vanessa, you told Hagrid about us?" asked Harry.


"No why? You told Dobby?" I replied.


"Oh ya, I told him to tell Hagrid so we could be partners."


"Okay then, Hagrid's giving instructions now, we'd better pay attention."


"Alrigh' then class," said Hagrid, "So these 'll be yer permanent partners unless I tell you to go into different groups. So today ye'll each be findin differen things to feed differen animals. Group 1 n group 5 will be feedin a group o' pixies,  groups 2 n 6 'll be feedin some kappa's, group 3 n 7 'll feed two hippogriffs, n last but not least group 4 n group 8, ye'll be feedin an acromantula, come up n see me individually to get yer list."


"An acromantula," asked Ron, "he means Aragog doesn't he?"


"Um, well yes Ron he does, but it'll be fine, it's not like we're feeding them ourselves…"


"Oh n yer gonna be feedin 'em yerselves," announced Hagrid.


"Great," said Ron, "he knows I'm scared of spiders and he knows that Aragog's family tried to eat us last time."


"We'll be fine Ron," said Harry reassuringly.


"Um guys, who's Aragog?" I asked. Ron told me what happened in their second year and Harry kept explaining how Ron was over exaggerating some parts of the story.


"But we'll be fine Vanessa," said Harry noticing the worried look on my face. We went up to the wooden table in front of Hagrid's hut and took our to-do list.


Feeding an Acromantula:


3 pounds of seaweed

7 branches from a hollow tree

5 hairs of a centaurs tail

9 leaves from a sycamore tree

2 liters of oak tree sap

1 shaving of hair from a unicorns mane

4 locks of hair from a mermaid

4 locks of hair from a merman

8 rats

6 Cornish pixie wing flakes


"How on earth do we get all of this?" asked Ron.


"Well, if we want to get this done we'd better start now," said Hermione.


"Oi, Vanessa," yelled Draco running after me, "you can't go and feed a bloody acromantula."


"Draco I can take care of myself, I'll be fine," I replied.


"Just wait until my father hears about this…"


"Oh come on Draco, Lucius doesn't give a damn about me and you bloody well know that by now," I sighed as Harry, Ron, and Hermione stopped to listen.


"You could get hurt Vanessa…"


"Then I'll get back up and try again Draco, you know I fight back and I don't give up that easily," I interjected.


"Fine, just be careful," he said hugging me and kissing me on the forehead before going to join his own group.


"I will Draco," I said and walked of with the others.


"Wow Vanessa, I didn't realize how soft Malfoy could be," said Harry astonished at Draco's behavior.


"Ya, he's not a harsh person like everyone thinks, I know it looks that way but Draco has some rules, smart ones too."


"What sort of rules?"


"Don’t get too close to anyone but a Slytherin, or just don't get to close to anyone the Dark Lord wont tolerate."


"Why not?"


"Because, our family, Black and Malfoy, come from a long line of Death Eaters, we can't risk it. We have to be careful Harry, that’s why I'm a bit scared of hanging out with you three, not that I don't enjoy it, it's just that no one can find out."


"If this is putting you in danger Vanessa…"


"It's worth it Harry," I said moving slightly closer to him as we walked deeper into the forest.






"Are you going to become a Death Eater?" Harry asked slowly, we all stopped and they looked at me.


"Well, that’s what Draco and I talk about a lot, most of the other Slytherins do to. We're not sure, the only difference is Draco and I are the only few who don't actually want to be Death Eaters, but we can't tell anyone. Harry I really like you and I don't want to become a Death Eater, but I'm pretty sure it will happen," I said, my eyes starting to tear up.


"Vanessa if you become a Death Eater it won't change the fact that I really like you, we'll just have to be a bit more careful.."


"No Harry," I said shaking my head, "he'll kill you Harry."


'I know, he's been trying for a long time but that doesn't mean I'll let him."


"I just can't risk it, and I'm not even sure if he'll turn me anyway. He killed my parents, he most likely wont want me to help him anyway."


"Well that’s a while away anyway so why don't we try to find these ingredients?"


"Great idea Harry," said Hermione, "let's go."


We walked deeper through the forest until we reached a hollow tree.


"Great, we just need to get seven branches from this thing," said Ron.


"Yea, but there we can only reach five, the other two are way up there," I said.


"Then we have to find a way to get those two," said Hermione pointing up the tree.


"How do we get it?" asked Harry.


"Ron, why don't you get those five, I'm pretty sure you can get the fifth one if you jump," I suggested.


"Wait," started Ron, "why don't we use the branches to climb up and get those two? Vanessa and Hermione you two would probably be the lightest so one of you should use the branches to climb up and get up on the sixth one, the seventh looks like you could get it from there, pick up a branch after you climb up to the next one then on the last one just jump and we'll catch you."


"Well," I said, "that's a plan. I'll go, I love climbing the trees in our garden at home anyway."


"Okay, we'll be here to catch you then," said Hermione as I stepped onto first branch. I got to second and bent down to break the first branch but it wouldn't come off.


"The branch is stuck, can one of you guys get these five while I get those two up there?" I asked pointing to the two higher branches.


"Sure, I'll wait here to catch you incase you fall, Ron and Hermione can work on those ones," said Harry walking under me and holding his arms out slightly.


"These branches are really hard to get of," said Ron yanking a branch off the tree, "I don't know how you'll get the ones up there off."


"Hollow tree's have incredibly strong branches, but there is a spell you can use. You need a powder to get it off though," said Hermione matter-of-factly.


"How do we get the powder?" asked Harry.


"You sometimes find powder on the inside of the trees, I'll go look," said Hermione walking into the tree.


"Did you find it?" asked Ron.


"Yep, there's plenty," yelled Hermione as her voice echoed out the tree. Hermione stepped out holding a hand full of powder, "there's a flask in my purse, can you get it out for me Ron?"


Ron took the flask out of Hermione's bag and Hermione poured the powder into the flask. One by one Ron poured some powder over each branch while Hermione flicked her wand and muttered, "mobiliarbus," and the branch gently pulled away from the tree and landed on the thick padding of leaves that made up the forest floor. I was now on the fifth branch and the sixth one was out of reach.


"I think I might have to jump," I said looking down.


"Are you sure Vanessa? You could fall…" started Harry.


"And I trust that you'll catch me," I said cutting him off.


"Okay then, go ahead," said Harry putting his arms out and standing under me. I jumped up and just grabbed hold of the sixth branch, I pulled my self up and looked down. I was really high up but I could make out Harry smiling as he dropped his arms down to his side.


"Oi, Vanessa, what are you doing up there?" asked Draco, then he turned to look at Harry, "you're actually letting her go up there? Why didn’t you go Potter? Not as brave as you think you are?"


Draco pushed Harry into the hollow tree and since it's hollow, it's not very strong, so I fell over and was holding on to the branch. Draco however was too busy yelling at Harry to notice.


"DRACO! Stop it, Hermione and I are the lightest and I volunteered. You pushing Harry into the tree on the other hand doesn't help. One I fell over, two Harry's supposed to catch me if I fall, you pushing him does not help, and three Harry tried talking me out of climbing up here but I insisted. Draco I love you, but let me make some of my own choices and let me protect myself for a bit," I said calming down towards the end.


"Sorry Vanessa," said Draco as he walked away. He turned around and looked at me suspiciously.


"What?" I asked.


"Why are you defending Potter again?" he asked.


"OMIGOD DRACO! Are you serious, we've already had this conversation, let it go. I have an assignment to get done, the more we talk the longer it takes me to get off this tree," I said pulling myself back onto the branch and standing up, "Hermione, can you pass me the flask?"


"Alright then, bye," waved Draco as he left to go join his group.


"Sure, one second," said Hermione.


"You've already had that conversation? And you've defended me before?" smirked Harry.


"Don't worry, it was fine," I replied.


"I'm not worried, I'm just curious about what you said."


"I'll tell you later if it's really that important. Hermione how's the flask coming?"


"Just screwing on the lid," started Hermione, "Ron's going to levitate it up to you okay?"


"Sure," I replied.


"Wingardium Leviosa," said Ron as he made that familiar swish-and-flick movement. He levitated the flask up to me and I held it in my mouth as I climbed onto the seventh branch. I poured some powder onto the branch and flicked my wand and muttered, "mobiliarbus," and the branch gently pulled away from the tree and landed on the ground next to Ron. I climbed onto a higher branch and unhooked the branch from the tree. We had seven, all I needed to do was jump.


"We'll catch you Vanessa, don't worry," said Harry, "I got you." Before I knew what I was doing I jumped off the tree and landed on top of the three. "Sorry," I said apologizing for making them fall.


"It's alright, at least your okay," said Ron, "lets walk around and see what we find."


We walked deeper through the forest until Hermione stopped.


"What?" I asked.


"Do you smell that?" asked Hermione, "I smell something sweet."


"I think I do, but I'm not sure," said Harry, "it's a faint smell."


"I think it might be sap, let's go check it out," stated Hermione walking in the direction of the smell. We walked through some trees and found a tall oak tree.


"Perfect, lets get some sap," said Ron.


"Hermione, can we but these branches in your bag?" asked Harry.


"Oh sure," said Hermione giving Ron and Harry her bag, "now how do we get 2 liters of the sap? I can't even see it."


"There it is," I said pointing, "it's up there, but I can't reach it."


"Come here," said Ron lifting me onto his shoulders.


"Thanks Ron," I said sitting on his shoulders, "I can reach it but there definitely isn't 2 liters here."


"Harry, Hagrid gave me something earlier for this, there's a 2 liter jar with a little brass funnel attached in my bag," said Hermione.


"Here you go," replied Harry throwing the flask to her.


"Thanks. Vanessa take this," she said giving me the jar and telling me what to do, "hold the flask under the hole where the sap is coming out from, put the funnel into the gap so the sap goes through the funnel. Just keep turning the funnel and wait for the sap to reach the 2 liter mark."


Just below ten minutes had passed by when I took the funnel out and handed it to Hermione along with the funnel. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Draco coming through the trees, here we go again I thought to myself.


"Vanessa?" asked Draco shocked, "what are you doing on Ron's shoulders?" At this Ron turned around and I banged my head on a branch and I fell off Ron's shoulders.


"Vanessa, are you okay?" Harry asked walking over to me and putting his hand on my head, "you're bleeding."


Draco on the other hand ran over and pushed Harry away from me, "Potter, get away from her she's my sister. Vanessa are you okay? You need to go to the infirmary."


"I'm fine Draco, it's just a little dirt and blood," I said standing up and brushing the debris of my robes.


"Alright then, lets move on," said Harry as he put the jar of sap into Hermione's bag. See that's another reason I like Harry, he's not to worried about me getting hurt, if I say I'm okay then he knows I'm okay. He lets me take care of myself and doesn't worry to much even though I know he cares.


"What do you mean alright then?" asked Draco getting furious, "she's bleeding."


"If she says she's okay then she's okay," replied Harry getting angry.


"What do you know about my sister?" asked Draco getting up and pushing Harry to the ground.


"Draco!" I yelled.


"It's okay Vanessa. Fine Draco, take her to the infirmary Ron, Hermione, and I can finish this by ourselves," said Harry walking off towards a centaur to get the tail hairs.


"Draco, I want to finish this assignment, it's actually fun so please let me go, I'm fine, I promise," I said.


"Fine, go," said Draco, "just be careful of that git."


"Draco, can't you try and be nice?" I asked, "I got to go, see you later." I gave Draco a hug and a kiss on the cheek and ran to catch up to Harry.


"Sorry for getting angry Vanessa, I'm just not a big fan of him," said Harry apologetically.


"It's okay," I said, "lets get those hairs."


"Hello Harry Potter," said the centaur.


"Hello Firenze, these are my friends, Ron, Hermione, and Vanessa," said Harry greeting Firenze.


"What may I do for you today?" asked Firenze.


"Well, for class, we have to feed an Acromantula…" started Harry.


"Say no more," said Firenze, "how many do you need?"


"Five tail hairs please," asked Hermione.


"Here you go Hermione," said Firenze handing the tail hairs to Hermione, "and good luck with the rest of your search."


"Thank you Firenze, do you know where we could find some Cornish pixies?" asked Harry.


"Hmm," thought Firenze, "there is only one group of Cornish pixies in this forest, they live near Grawp, Hagrid's brother."


"Well then, I guess we're going to go visit Grawp," said Ron.


"We better get extra wings so the other group doesn't go that way," added Hermione.


"Umm, who's Grawb?" I asked.


"Grawp," corrected Harry, "we'll show you, come on. Thanks Firenze, see you around."


"Good bye Harry Potter," said Firenze bowing as we walked away. "Mr. Potter," added Firenze, "would you and your friends care for a ride?"

"Sure Firenze, thanks," said Harry as he and I hopped onto Firenze's back.


"Ron, Hermione, would you two mind going with Bane?" asked Firenze.


"Sure," said Hermione as they climbed up onto the centaur I supposed was called Bane. After about two minutes of the centaurs galloping through the forest we reached a small clearing where a giant stood looking down on us.


"Vanessa, this is Grawp, Hagrid's half brother," whispered Harry.


"Umm, okay then," I mumbled slightly scared.


"Grawp," shouted Harry as we climbed down from Firenze's back and Hermione and Ron came up behind us, "this is Vanessa, she's your friend."


Grawp just smiled and waved, the he picked up what looked like a bike handle and put it on the ground just in front of me. "Hermy," said Grawp.


"Who's Hermy?" I asked. Just then Hermione stepped forward, picked up the bike handle and rung the bell as Grawp giggled.


"Let's go find those pixies," said Hermione walking past Grawp and us following. We found the group of Pixies and Hermione used a spell to slow them down and we picked wings off of the ones that had the most wings. Now that that was done we went to go find a sycamore tree. Firenze and Bane gave us a ride to the edge of the forest so we could just see the lake.


"Good luck with your quest," said Firenze, and the two centaurs galloped away.


"Look," said Ron, "isn't that a sycamore tree?"


"Yea it is," said Harry, "we just need nine leaves."


"That branch up there has nine leaves on it," stated Hermione.


"then lets get the branch down," said Ron.


"How do we do that?" I asked.


"Here," said Ron showing me a big rock. Ron threw the rock hard at the branch and made some bats fly out of the trees, the branch moved slightly and we could see it starting to break.


"Let me try," said Harry picking up the rock and throwing it at the branch again, the branch cracked more and this time it almost came down. I went to pick up the rock when I felt Harry crash into me and I saw the branch fall just behind him. "You could have gotten hurt Vanessa," he panted.


"What the bloody hell do you think you're doing?" said Draco coming toward Harry and I, of course Draco appears right when Harry jumps on top of me.


"Umm, I'm saving her life Malfoy," said Harry sarcastically.


"Get off of my sister," said Draco pushing Harry off me.


"Draco, please calm down, he was only helping," I protested.


"Why are you always defending him?"


"Because he deserves to be defended Draco. Please let me just finish this assignment in peace," I said walking towards the lake.


"And where do you think you're going?" asked Draco.


"I think she's going towards the group of unicorns over there…" started Harry.


"No one asked you Potter," said Draco.


"Draco, I'm okay, I promise. I'll be fine, just get your assignment done," I said giving Draco a hug and my puppy dog eyes, those two things combined are Draco's biggest weekend.


"Vanessa, that’s not fair. You cant give me the puppy dog eyes, stop it," he said starting to laugh, "uugggghh, okay fine, go." Draco gave me a kiss on the cheek and walked away.


"What was that?" asked Ron.


"Draco has a soft spot, don't tell anyone," I warned.


"Okay we wont," said Hermione picking the nine leaves of the tree and putting them in a flask. We walked over to the unicorn and as I pet it Hermione gently shaved a bit of the hair from its mane.


"Now that we got that, lets head over to the lake," said Hermione.


"Look, there are some rats over their," said Ron.


"Umm, are we supposed to kill them?" I asked.


"Do you need any help?" asked Firenze from behind us.


"Umm, yes," said Harry, "we need eight rats."


Firenze went and quickly brought back eight dead rats, "do you have a flask?" he asked.


"Here you go," said Hermione repulsed. Firenze put the rats in our other big jar and bid us farewell.


"Now all that’s left is in the lake, this shouldn't be too hard," said Harry.


"Don't say that just yet Harry, how ignorant are merpeople anyway? Will they just give us their hair?" I asked.


"I don't think I should go and talk to them, you're the only one the merpeople haven't seen before Vanessa, I think you're the only one who can talk to them," said Harry.


"Why would you say that?" I asked.


"Well last year during the Tri-Wizard Tournament Ron and Hermione were kept under water, I was meant to go save Ron but I took two people, the merpeople didn't really like that so they're kind of angry at Ron and I, Hermione might be able to go with you though," explained Harry.


"Are you sure?" I asked. Merpeople could be harsh and I didn’t want to upset them.


"You'll be fine, Ron and I will be close by to help if you need us to," reassured Harry. Hermione and I walked up to the lake and sat down on a rock. We found a relatively large rock wrote on it what we need and threw it down. We waited for about five minutes when two merpeople came to the surface of the water. Hermione put the bubble spell on our heads and we ducked our heads under water.


"We will give you these eight locks of hair," screeched the mermaid as she handed me the hairs, "but what do I get in return?"


"Umm," I said nervously.


"Were you expecting me to freely give you my hair?"


"No, of course not," said Hermione, "what would you like in return?"


"Well," smiled the mermaid, "there is a small blue mushroom near the edge of the forest get me a drop of juice from that mushroom and I will be satisfied."


"Thank you," said Hermione, "we'll be back soon." we got out of the water and found the boys with the seaweed.


"Great, we've got everything now lets go," said Ron.


"Wait," I said, "the mermaid said we need to give her something in exchange, look for a blue mushroom on the outskirts of the forest." After about 2 minutes Harry found the mushroom. Hermione took out two flasks and put a drop in each.


"Here," said Hermione giving one flask to me, "give this to Snape, it'll butter him up, and this is extremely rare." Hermione walked to the lake and threw another small rock in, after about two minutes the mermaid came up, thanked us, and left with the flask. We walked back up the shore and sat down on some rocks.


"We should get going," I said.


"I have some towels in my bag, here you go Vanessa," said Hermione throwing me a towel. Harry, who was sitting next to me, wrapped the towel around me and hugged me.


"Draco could show up," I said.


"Well he should be happy, I'm making sure you don't get a cold from your wet hair," smiled Harry. He kissed me on the cheek and I kissed him back. Just then Ron coughed really loudly which made us stop and look at him.


"Are you okay?" I asked.


"What are you doing?" shouted Draco as he walked towards us.


"That was close," I whispered to Harry warning him. I stood up and gave Harry my towel.


"Why is she wet? And why are you hugging her?" asked Draco sounding disgusted.


"I had to get something, he was just drying me off Draco," I replied.


"Yea, I was just drying her off Draco," mocked Harry throwing the towel on my head.


"What was that for?" asked Draco.


"Draco, we were just having some fun okay," I said, "common, we have to get back." I kissed him on the cheek and ran to catch up with Harry.


"So, are you guys like, friends now?" asked Draco.


"Yea, I guess so," I smiled.


"I'll see you in the common room before dinner Vanessa," said Draco going to walk with his group. We walked up to Hagrid and gave him out back of ingredients.


"Yer done? Ye finished?" asked Hagrid sounding surprised.


"Yea why?" asked Ron.


"Yer the only ones that done it," said Hagrid, "well good job. Listen up everyone, next class ye'll be feedin' yer animals. I'll get the rest of 'em ingredients fer ye. Of ye go now, dinner'll be star'in' soon I imagine."



Draco walked up to the castle with the rest of the Slytherins and I stayed behind to talk to Harry.


"I guess he's okay with us hanging out now right?" asked Harry.


"Well, he doesn’t love the idea but he can live with it, but he cant know I hang out with you guys all the time," I replied.


"I get it, I mean, I understand what he's getting at. Kind of. Let's just go and eat," suggested Harry, "but you should probably eat with Draco."


"I'll see you later okay," I said giving him a hug and a subtle kiss on the cheek. He kissed me back and we walked into the great hall to go eat.

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