A Malfoy Love Affair

Vanessa Malfoy, Draco Malfoy's cousin, has been living with Draco and his family for her whole life. When Harry finally gets the courage to ask Vanessa out their biggest problem is Draco and making sure he doesn't find out.


5. Is My 'Boyfriend' Stalking Me?


"Where's Draco?" asked Ron.


"He and Blaise went to go and get their Halloween costumes," I replied.


"So, you and Blaise then, what's that all about?" asked Ron.


"Well, Harry thought…" I started.


"I thought that if she actually had a date to the Ball then Draco wouldn't suspect something, and Blaise is totally believable," finished Harry.


"Okay then, but you do know that Blaise is a player, what if he makes a move on you?" asked Hermione, who was quite concerned.


"I didn't think of that," I confessed.


"I did," started Harry, "If he does make a move on you, which he probably will, don't let him get to far. If he kisses you fine, if he goes to far and you're not comfortable tell him to stop, and if he doesn't…"


"Then Draco will come and help which will make it look even more realistic, you're brilliant Harry," I said finishing of his sentence, "but, are you sure that you're okay with Blaise kissing me?"


"I won't love it, but that's the best way to make sure Draco doesn't figure it out," said Harry.


"He's right you know," said Ron, "you kissing Blaise and getting Draco to help you will really make it convincing, but you can't make him back-off if he's only kissing you, you have to wait until he starts putting his hands under you dress."


"Fine, but just when he starts," I compromised.


"That's okay," said Harry, "I can't wait until the ball, just five days, and Vanessa, when I said you could come find me I meant…"


"I know what you meant," I blushed, "by the way I need some help, Draco is going to the ball with Pansy and I promised Draco that I'd find someone else for him to go with, do you have any ideas? I mean, I would look but I've been spending all my free time with you guys."


"Sure, it has to be a Slytherin though right?" asked Hermione.


"Preferably," I said.


"I've thought of three," said Ron, "Daphne Greengrass, Tracey Davis, and Millicent Bulstrode."


"Thanks Ron, that's perfect, and they all have a thing for Draco which is even better, I should go tell Draco, he's probably back now and he really doesn't want to go with Pansy," I said.


"Bye then," they said.


Harry got up and gave me a kiss then I left to find Draco, I stopped by the library to pick up a book of beauty spells titled Makeup and Outfits for the teenage witch along with the latest copy of witchvogue and book of Halloween spells called  Halloween: Scary Spells. I went to the common room to find Draco on the couch with Crabbe, Goyle, and Zabini.


"What's that?" asked Draco.


"Just something's for the ball," I said, "by the way, I need to talk to you about that."


"Finally," he exclaimed.


We went up to his room and sat on his bed while I showed him the books.


"Cool books," he said excitedly, "who do you have?"


"I've thought of three people you can ask…"


"Who are they?"


"Hold on Draco, let me get to them…"




His impatience was hilarious.


"Daphne Greengrass, Tracey Davis, and Millicent Bulstrode. Take your pick and go and ask them."


"You are a life saver Vanessa. Tracey and Daphne are both pretty, which one do you think I can trick into asking me easier?"


"Hmm, how about Tracey?"


"Sure, I'll ask her now," he said excitedly as we got off of his bed. We went downstairs to find the common room empty except for Trace, Daphne, Millicent, Blaise, Gregory, and Vincent. I nudged Draco in the shoulder.


"Scared to ask someone out?" I mocked.


"No," he said.


"Well go on then."


"Hey Tracey, can I talk to you for a second?"


Tracey came over and I went and sat with the guys.


"Hey Tracey," smiled Draco.


"Hey Draco," replied Tracey.


"So, um…"


"Omigod Draco, I know you're going with Pansy but do you wanna maybe go to the ball with me?"


"I'd love too," said Draco happily. Tracey hugged him and went back to her group of friends and Draco came here.


"I owe you one," said Draco.


"Good, I'll remember that," I said. Blaise took the opportunity to put his arm around me, I tried to pull away but he pulled me closer. I couldn't just say no, it was only his arm, and Draco seemed to not notice so I sat there normally wishing I could be with Harry. I was just sitting there thinking about the Halloween Ball, when I dozed off on Blaise's shoulder. Big mistake!! When I woke up Blaise and I were the only ones in the common room and Blaise was lightly shaking me as he smiled at me. I jerked up and quickly got off of the couch.


"Oh my god, what time is it? It's Sunday right?" I said scared of how late I slept.


"It's okay, Vanessa, yea it is Sunday and it's 3:45pm," said Blaise trying to calm me down.


"I need to go," I said trying to rush out of the room, but Blaise grabbed my hand and turned me around.


"Where do you need to go?" he asked, "I'll come with you."


"No, I just want to go for a walk."


"You sounded like you were in a rush though."


"I'll see you later Blaise," I said walking out of there, I could here him follow me out but I didn't want to turn around to check. Was he following me? Yep, he was, great now I really can't go and see Harry. I walked to the library hoping he would think I was just studying, I walked to the back of the library and sorta fast-walked around the isles until I lost him. I ran out of the library and jumped onto a stair case as it was changing, I ran up a couple staircases down a hallway and hid behind a knight, the hallway was dark but I could make out a silhouette. It looked like Blaise, but I couldn't tell.


"Vanessa?" I heard Blaise ask. Yep it was him, he walked closer to me and he was so close to the armor I could hear him breathing, I held my breath and he turned around and walked away, I waited for him to turn the corner then I ran down the hallway, made a couple turns came to another set of staircases and ran down to the third floor. I was on the stairs about to get to the second floor when the staircases started changing, I jumped of the staircase and just missed the platform, I held on to the edge of the floor trying to pull myself up when someone grabbed my arm and pulled me up. I looked up to find Harry staring at me horrified.


"What are you doing?" asked Harry almost yelling.


"Ssh, Blaise is right behind me, he's been following me since I left the dungeons. Hurry!" I exclaimed running to the girls lavatory. We got into the girls lavatory and Harry hugged me like he thought he would never see me again.


"What the bloody hell were you doing jumping off the staircase and almost dying?" asked Harry.


"What!" exclaimed Hermione and Ron looking at me shocked.


"Blaise was following me and I didn't want him finding me, he'd been chasing me forever. I went to the library and ran around the isles, then I ran up seven floors and down a couple hallways and then I came here. I only lost him because I jumped," I said.


"Why were you in such a rush to get away from him?" asked Harry.


"Oh Harry, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to, I fell asleep on his shoulder for like an hour," I said apologetically.


"I don't mind, you just took nap," said Harry brushing it off.


"So you're not mad?" I asked.


"No, I'm not, and this makes it even more convincing for Draco too," he said putting his hands around my head and kissing me. Ron coughed and we just backed away from each other smiling.


"So," said Ron awkwardly.


"Why don't we go to the common room?" asked Hermione, "people do like you there Vanessa, and no one's going to tell Draco."


"Okay," I said, "but what about Blaise?"


"He's probably no where close to here or there," stated Ron matter-of-factly.


Just then we heard Blaise knock on the bathroom door and call my name.


"Yep, he's no where close," I said sarcastically rolling my eyes.


"Quick, get under here, except you Hermione," said Harry.


"What's that?" I asked.


"It's his invisibility cloak," said Ron proudly.


"Okay, Hermione, we'll walk behind you okay," said Harry.


"Let's go then," said Hermione walking out of the bathroom at a good pace for us to keep up. When we got out we saw Blaise looking shocked that Hermione came out instead of me.


"Hello Granger," said Blaise.

"What do you want Zabini?" spat Hermione.


"Is Vanessa in there?"


"No," said Hermione flatly, she flipped her hair and walked of.


"Nice acting," said Ron coming out from under the cloak and giving her a quick peck on the cheek, Hermione just smiled and kissed him back. Harry and I stayed under the cloak just in-case and we walked up to the common-room. When we got in we found Fred and George talking about their next product.


"Hiya," said Fred excitedly, "where's Harry?"


"I'm right here," said Harry pulling the cloak off of us.


"Hey Vanessa," said the twins giving me a hug.


"Why the cloak?" asked George.


"Blaise was following us," said Harry flopping down on the couch. I sat down next to him and we all just sat there quietly. I lay my head down and Harry's shoulder and fell asleep again. When I woke up Harry was gently trying to get up but not wake me. Ron and Hermione had gone upstairs and Harry seemed to be going up too to get ready for dinner.


"Sorry Harry, I didn't mean to fall asleep, I'm just a bit tired," I said.


"That's alright, I don't mind. It's just after seven o'clock, are you going down to the common room to meet Draco?"


"I probably should, bye Harry," I said getting up from the couch. Harry came to me and just kissed me, his hands were around my waist and my arms were hugging his neck and we were making out for what seemed like a long time. We moved over to the couch and we just sat down kissing.


"Ready to eat?" asked Fred and George a bit too loudly because they had snuck up on us and they were really close to our faces. Harry and I jumped and pulled apart.


"I'm going to run down to find Draco, if I don’t find him by eight I'll just go to the great hall," I said.


"Bye," they said.


I ran down to the common room to find Blaise talking to Draco, when they saw me arrive Blaise jumped up and hugged me.


"I couldn't find you anywhere Vanessa, what happened to you? I was so worried," said Blaise.


"Like I said I went for a walk. Anyway it’s not your job to protect me it's Draco's and he's doing a good job, thank you very much, I don’t need you babysitting me," I said angrily pushing him away and sitting down next to Draco.


""What happened?" asked Draco concerned.


"Blaise followed me, I literally had to run to get away from him, and it still wasn't enough. I went to the library and ran around the isles, then I went up to the seventh floor, ran down some hallway's then I ran down to the second floor then I think that's where I lost him," I said folding my arms.


"Blaise, don't follow my sister. Let her have some space and leave her alone, she agreed to go to the ball with you, don’t make her regret it," said Draco standing up, "come on Vanessa let's go to dinner."


"Alright, I won't follow you around anymore," said Blaise following us to dinner.


We sat down to dinner and I saw Harry smiling at me, I smiled back and noticed that Blaise was staring at me so I pretended to be looking at the food and I was about to take a bite when Blaise hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. I pushed him away grabbed some bread and walked down to the kitchen.


As I left I heard Draco telling Blaise, "I told you to stop, she doesn't want you making any moves on her. Leave my sister alone."


I went to the kitchen to talk to Dobby and I ate down there, the elves served me dinner on a small wooden table and dobby sat next to me talking and eating some bread.


"Is master Vanessa alright?" asked Dobby.


"Yes Dobby, I'm fine," I replied.


"Dobby knows about Vanessa and Harry Potter."


I stopped eating, "How did you know?"


"Harry Potter told Dobby, Harry Potter trusts Dobby. Is Master Vanessa angry?"


"Oh no Dobby, of course not. I was merely surprised, I trust you too Dobby. Oh Dobby, it's just so hard, I want to tell Draco but I know how he'd feel and Blaise is being so annoying about it."


"Don't cry Master Vanessa, everything will be alright."


"Thanks Dobby, I'm getting tired, I think I'll go to bed. I have a week of classes to get through and I'm not going to particularly enjoy it," I said getting up and giving Dobby a hug. I let the house elves clear up my plates as I walked out. When I got to the Slytherin common room Blaise and Draco were waiting for me, Draco got up and before he could talk to me I walked swiftly up to my room and slammed my head into the pillows and started to cry. I flashed on my pajamas and cried myself to sleep.

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