A Malfoy Love Affair

Vanessa Malfoy, Draco Malfoy's cousin, has been living with Draco and his family for her whole life. When Harry finally gets the courage to ask Vanessa out their biggest problem is Draco and making sure he doesn't find out.


2. I think I like him


As soon as he left I joined my friends and we went to Moaning Myrtles bathroom to chat. We talked until around 6:30 and I realized that Draco judged them too soon. I mean I always knew that but he was more wrong about them then I ever thought. That night they shared their journeys with me and everything, and I believed them that Voldemort was back, I could kind of feel it, that something dark was there, something I hate, Draco told me that he was back but he still said that Harry and Dumbledore were psycho.


At 6:30 Ron and Hermione left to go to the common room but Harry said that he wanted to stay. Moaning Myrtle had plunged down the drains to go haunt someone who was talking a bath so Harry and I sat on the floor and talked.


“Does Draco know that you hang out with us?” asked Harry.


“Oh god no, it would kill him if he knew,” I laughed.


“True,” he replied, he looked into my eyes and he looked really serious, “look, I know it’s scary with Voldemort back and all but I kinda know how you feel. If you ever need to talk to anyone I’m always here Vanessa.”


“I know Harry, and thank you, but I’m not scared about this. I’m more sad actually, so I still might need someone to talk and same for you. If you need to talk to someone you can always talk to me, and not necessarily about Voldemort, you can talk about anything, even Draco if you need, he annoys me too and I hate being a Malfoy, I won’t tell him anything you tell me.”


“Vanessa, I didn’t know that you hated being a Malfoy, I thought you just wanted Draco to stop.”


“Draco’s actually the best part about being a Malfoy, he’s nice and all and he knows how something’s feel when it comes to being a Malfoy.”


Now we were leaning against the wall and just talking. We talked for a while. At 7:40 we were just sitting there leaning our heads on each other’s shoulders. I learned a lot about Harry that night, and I felt a lot closer to him, Ron, and Hermione, but mostly him.


“Harry looked at me and whispered, “stop me if you want to,” and before I knew what was going on he held my head and kissed me. He pulled away after a second.


“Sorry, I’ve just been dying to do that, I don’t care what your last name is or if you are related to Draco, I still like you,” he said looking into my eyes.


Oh god, his eyes are green, my favorite color for eyes to be, and he’s so adorable and hot.


“Harry, you don’t need to be sorry, I’m kind of pleased you kissed me, and as for Malfoy, I’m glad you don’t mind because that would have been a big problem.”


We stood up with 15 minutes left.


“I should go at around 7:55 if I want to get back to the common room on time, otherwise Draco will kill me so that gives me ten minutes,” I said.


“Brilliant. That gives us time," he said quickly.


He put one hand on my waist and the other on my cheek and kissed me again, we made out while he moved our bodies around and leaned me gently against a wall. I put my arms around his neck and kissed him back. I enjoyed it and I had wanted it to happen, and I didn’t even feel bad about Draco. After about five minutes Ron and Hermione walked back in calling our names.


“Oh,” was all they could say.


“I should go,” I said fast walking out of there.


“It’s alright, we don’t mind,” said Hermione while Ron stifled a laugh and Harry just stood there awkwardly glaring at Ron.


"I really should go though, Draco's waiting for me,"


"Okay, see you later then," they said. I walked backed to the common room and Draco was waiting for me, he looked mad.


"What's up?" I asked.


"You're late," he stated.


"Oh my god Draco, only by like a minute," I sighed getting my jumper and walking out.


"Wait up," he panted running after me as I walked away, "what did you do while I was in detention? You look really happy."


"Nothing much," I smiled.


"Oh, a secret, I'll figure it out," he said, "what is it come on."




"Tell me, you tell me everything."


"Well now I have some secrets."


"In that little time, what was it, was it a boy?"


"No," I lied.


"It was, who is it? If they hurt you…"


"This is exactly why I'm not telling you, let me have one thing to my self. Please," I said sitting down for dinner.


"Fine, but if I figure it out…"


"It's no one, I promise," I said very seriously.


"Fine, let's eat then after dinner…"


"I know I know, we go to the library to study. Together," I said.


"No," he sighed, "Go do whatever you want after dinner, just be back at least 45 minutes before curfew, I still want to have some time to talk with you, after all you are my sister."


"Ooh thank you so much Draco, you're the best, I love you."


"Yea I know, I'm the greatest."


"You are," I said ecstatically. I kissed him on the cheek and hugged him so tight he coughed.


"Vanessa, a bit to tight," he laughed hugging me back. Harry looked over questioningly and I just shrugged my shoulders. As annoying as Draco is, he's still my brother and he's my best friend.

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