A Malfoy Love Affair

Vanessa Malfoy, Draco Malfoy's cousin, has been living with Draco and his family for her whole life. When Harry finally gets the courage to ask Vanessa out their biggest problem is Draco and making sure he doesn't find out.


3. Gryffindor Common Room


After desert when we were getting up to go I motioned to Harry to stay. After the hall was almost cleared up I joined them and we walked back to the Gryffindor common room, everyone was talking to each other and they were all happy. As soon as I walked in it became quiet.


"Oy, listen up," yelled Harry, "so you all know Vanessa Malfoy right?"


"Yea but what's a Slytherin doing on Lion turf?" asked Seamus Finnigan emphasizing the 'Lion turf' part.


"Malfoy's letting Vanessa have some freedom so she's going to be hanging out with us. What ever happens, DO NOT TELL MALFOY. Okay?"


"Why not? She's a Slytherin and a Malfoy so why should we care?" argued Seamus.


"Because Vanessa's not Draco and Vanessa's also the only person who Draco is nice to so we're going to keep it that way, anyone got any problems with that?" piped up Ron, "Good, and remember the rule 'whatever happens in the common room stays in the common room. Now lets get the Weasley's Wizard Wheezes out and PARTY!!!"


Ron jumped up and turned on the music while Fred and George threw some small harmless fireworks around. Harry and I moved to the edge of the room and talked as I slightly, but not too obviously, leaned on his shoulder.


"So is every night a party in the Gryffindor common room?"


"Well normally, unless McGonagall or a prefect is in a bad mood or if there are exams, but every now and then McGonagall joins in."


"Wow, Gryffindor house sounds awesome, I wanted to be in Gryffindor but the Sorting hat put me in Slytherin."


"Really? The sorting hat almost put me in Slytherin but I begged him not to."


"You? In Slytherin? That would be…"




"Pretty much," I muttered.


"You know Malfoy, I'm dying to kiss you," he said quietly so I only could hear it.


"I know but…"


"But you can't risk losing Draco? I understand, I wouldn't ask you to choose between us, that wouldn't be fair."


"Harry you are definitely the sweetest boy I know."


Just then McGonagall came in dancing to the music, she went over to Fred and George and told them to pause the song, this was followed by an 'aaaawwwwwwww' from everyone.


"This shouldn't take too long and you can go back to your party after this. Now, the headmaster has decided to grant you all a Halloween Ball the Saturday after Halloween, there will be costume prizes." This was followed by a 'yay' and 'yes' and' we love you McGonagall'. "Yes, yes now get back to your party." She flicked her wand so the music started playing again and she left. People all over were ecstatic, talking about what to wear and what the prizes could be.


"This will be really fun," said Harry standing up and taking me to dance, "do you want to be my date?"


"Oh, Harry, I'd really love to but Draco will be there."


"Right. Well I'm going to wear a mask so if you want to talk you can without Draco knowing."


"One thing."


"What's up?" questioned Harry.


"Well, Draco knows that I like someone but he doesn't know who…"


"If someone from Slytherin asks you out say yes."


"Harry, but…"


"No buts, Draco won't suspect anything then."


"Okay then."


We went over to Ron and Hermione and started dancing next to them.


"You guys haven't kissed yet, why not?" asked Ron.


"Ron," said Hermione looking furious that he even asked such a thing.


"What?" said Ron.


"Because she doesn't want Draco to find out," said Harry.


"No one here will tell, and you can always go up to the boys dormitory if you really want to," suggested Ron smirking.


"SHIT! Draco's going to have a heart attack, I'm already late," I screamed.


Harry grabbed my wrist and quickly turned me around and kissed me as I kissed him back. I pulled away and turned around to find the whole house staring at us. I felt so embarrassed.


"Bye," said Harry awkwardly.


"Whatever happens in the common room stays in the common room," shouted Fred.


"Whoever tells gets puking pastils in their drinks right before potions or defense against the dark arts," followed up George.


I quickly mouthed thank you to them, screamed bye to everyone and ran down the stairs to the Slytherin common room. As soon as I walked in I was tackled to the couch.


"Omigod, I was so worried about you Vanessa, you're ten minutes late I thought something happened to you," sighed Draco.


"You are paranoid Draco," I laughed.


"Why were you late?"


"I lost track of time Draco, please stop giving me curfews, it's really nerve wrecking. Besides I can talk to you in the middle of the night, I just have to be in the common room by 10:30."


"Alright, so what happened this time?"


"Nothing much." I wanted to talk to him about the Halloween Ball but I didn't know if he knew yet.


Just then Snape walked in and everyone felt quiet. Wow, I really like the Gryffindor common room a lot better than this one.


"The headmaster has granted you all a Halloween Ball which will take place the Saturday after Halloween. There will be prizes," he said very quietly, then he walked out and as soon as the doors closed the room exploded in noise, everyone was talking about what to wear and some of the guys were already asking girls out. I guess that answered my question.


"Oh no," sighed Draco.


"What, aren't you excited?"


"I am Vanessa, but now I'll have to go with Pansy and…"


"She can be annoying?"


"Yea, pretty much."


I feel bad for Draco, I mean, Pansy doesn’t know how to give up. I guess in some cases persistence is a good thing but in this case I guess that Pansy is more obsessive and stalkeretive than persistent.


"Speak of the devil," I groaned rolling my head back, Pansy annoyed me almost as much as Draco. I mean, I slept in the same room as her and I had to put up with her squealing and coming into her dorm late at night and telling whoever was awake who she snogged or shagged.


"Drakey, aren’t you so excited for the party?" asked Pansy.


"Huh? Oh, um yea, it'll be fun," he said trying to avoid asking her out.


"So I'm guessing we're going together right?"


"What? Oh, uh ya, sure," said Draco, then he got up and pulled me with him to his dormitory. All he did was shove his face in his pillow and scream. I walked over to his four-poster and sat on the bed trying not to laugh.


"Oh you think it's funny do you?" he asked shoving a pillow in my face.


"Honestly, yes, I feel bad for you but it's still funny," I snickered hitting him in the stomach with a pillow.


We kept shoving pillows into each others faces and hitting each other in the chest or leg. This is why I love Draco, he's so much fun to be around but nobody else will get it because he's so stern around them.


"Ah," I shouted as I fell onto his bed, Draco had hit me in the stomach and I tripped on his shoes which were lying next to his bed, "not fair, interference."


"No such thing in pillow fights," he said laying down on the bed next to me.


"You know Draco, if you do find someone else to go with you could just bail on Pansy."


"But won't she be really annoying in the dorm for Merlin knows how long?"


"Not only in the dorms, but I've learned to tune it out."


"Ya but you complain about her all the time."


"So do you Draco, either you find someone or you're stuck with her, and anyway, she's already super annoying in the dorms, does the reason really matter?"


"I suppose you're right, but you need to help me."


"Deal," I said sitting up, "I should go to bed now."


"Okay then, goodnight," said Draco. He was about to give me a big hug, that I knew would result in him ruining my hair, when Blaise Zabini walks in.


"Who are you taking?" Draco asked him.


"No one, yet. I was hoping Vanessa would go with me. From that look on your face I take it you're either surprised or not interested," he answered.


"What, um, the first one, surprised," I was lost for words, no, why? Harry was right, saying yes would make it less obvious, but then it would be cheating and I didn’t even like Zabini one bit, but Harry told me to and I don't want Draco figuring it out. "I'd love to, but it's a one time thing."


"Good, I forgot something downstairs, why don’t you two finish your little family goodnight while I'm gone," and with that Blaise left.


"Scared of you first date?" Draco teased.


"No," I laughed, "okay yes. I really don't trust him and…"


"Hey, it'll be fine, if he hurts you he answers to me anyway, now go to bed and get a goodnights sleep, I need a different girlfriend and you're helping me with that."


He gave me a hug and I went to my dorm and fell asleep as soon as I pulled the blanket over my head

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