A Malfoy Love Affair

Vanessa Malfoy, Draco Malfoy's cousin, has been living with Draco and his family for her whole life. When Harry finally gets the courage to ask Vanessa out their biggest problem is Draco and making sure he doesn't find out.


9. Aragog And His Idea Of A Family Dinner

I woke up the next morning and Hermione and I went down to the common room when we got down I saw Harry and Ron standing with the invisibility cloak.


"What's that for?" I asked.


"Well you need to get out of here unseen so get under," said Ron.


"Okay," I said getting under the cloak. We walked out of the common room and down to a dark corridor. When we were sure that no one else was there I took of the cloak, said bye to the others, and left for the common room. As soon as I walked in people started to scream. The fifth year girls were making a big deal about Pansy while pansy was screaming at me. Tracey who's a fourth year was telling the girls to shut the fuck up while Blaise was asking me where I went and Draco was squishing the air out of me and asking where I had slept and overloading me with questions. Everyone else was either saying where were you and that shit or trying to get people to shut up.


"OY! SHUT UP!" I screamed and everyone just went quiet. I slept in an empty teachers lounge and I'm fine. Pansy I really don’t give a fuck about you so shut up. If anyone has a problem with Pansy being loud tell her not me unless you're too scared then just shut up and deal with it. But I'm starving so can we please go down to eat Draco?"




"No," said Pansy very bluntly.


"No what?" I asked trying to be as calm as I could be.


"No you didn't sleep in an empty teachers lounge."


"Then where did I sleep?"


"In some guys bed being his little BITCH!" she screamed and tried to practically jump on me but I walked backwards and she fell over. I walked out the common room and went down for breakfast.


"Wait up," said Draco, "Are you sure you're okay?"


"I'm fine, I promise. Eat up, we're feeding animals in Care of magical Creatures today."


"Oh yeah, are you sure you'll be okay with that? Right sorry." I said as I gave him a look. We ate our breakfast making jokes and laughing and telling stories. Harry was sitting with his back to me, and Hermione just mouthed 'not obvious' so I nodded to say that I understood that everything was okay. When we were done with breakfast we walked over to Hagrid's hut and got into our groups.


"Since only one group finished they can go ahead with their stuff. Harry and Ron, ye know where ye need to go righ'?"


"Uh-huh," said Ron a bit high pitched as he nodded his head.


"The other group tha' was supposed t' be helpin' 'em 'll be changin' to feed th' thestrals. They're 'specially 'ungry."


We took our stuff and Hermione and I followed, when we had walked to the edge of this small little clearing they stopped.


"What's wrong?" asked Hermione.


"Well, it's just that last time Harry and I got here, they almost ate us," whispered Ron as he shivered.


Hermione gave him a hug and replied, "you don't need to be scared Ron it'll be alright we can do this."


"Yeah says you, you know every spell there is…"


"And I will use them if I need to. Now lets go."


"Vanessa will you be okay? They are kind of, well, man eating."


"Let's go," I said walking into the clearing, wand at the ready. We walked into and saw this giant spider sleeping.


"A-Aragog?" stuttered Harry


"You've come back, friend of Hagrid," he replied.


"We have food for you," I blurted out.


"Is it Hagrid's list?" asked Aragog.


"It is," said Hermione.


"Put it near that tree," he replied. Harry walked over to the tree and put down the package Hagrid had given us.


"So, um, we'll be on our way then," said Ron.


"Hurry, my sons and daughters are hungry." We started walking when we saw them climbing down the trees.


"RUN!" screamed Harry. We ran out of there as fast as we could. "Ugh," said Harry as he fell over.


"HARRY!" I screamed. The spiders were coming towards us now and they were speeding up.


"Go," he said. I didn't listen and I ran back to try and help him but Ron stopped me as Hermione ran to help Harry. A spider tried to catch Harry's leg and I think he broke it. We ran back to the hut with Ron helping Harry and Hermione and I casting various spells at the spiders. We managed to get away from them and we lay Harry down.


"Your bleeding Harry," I muttered.


"It's okay I'll just go to Madam Pomfrey," Harry replied. I helped him up and we walked back to Hagrid's hut. When we got back to the hut everyone had already gotten back.


"Are you bleeding?" asked Draco running towards me, "what did you do?" he asked pushing Harry.


"Draco, he broke his leg, the blood is his now move!" I replied helping Harry back up. We decided not to tell Hagrid what happened in front of everyone and we just said that he fell over, which is kind of true. Hagrid took him up to the infirmary and class was dismissed. I went up with Ron and Hermione to make sure he was okay and I told Draco that I would be back soon.

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