Best Friends Brother

When Dylan is moving to Doncaster she meets a boy on the plane,Harry. she has lost all her friends all in two days.Dylan thinks her life is over untill her neighbor knoked on her door and he was........ LOUIS!!!! will Dylan and Louis get along figure that out in this fan fic!!!


1. Dylans P.O.V.

   "Bye Madison, Molly, and Claire, I'll miss you." I said and as soon as i as finished, zoom, the car sped to the air port.I'm going to miss them,my friends, my school, my life.  My life, it's officially over! How is a 17 year old girl supposed to make friends, in a country that you don't quite understand the language, and you don't know any one!!!!  "Thud" my dad had slammed on the breaks, "were here kids" he announced. as I was walking on to the plane I noticed a huge crowed behind me, i looked forward and noticed my stupid brother wouldn't sit down. I shoved him to the side and sat down. Right when I sat down, the boy who was sitting next to me pulled down his hoddie, "Why hello love, my name is Harry,I'm 17, and you are."he said.  Harry had the most perfect smile, perfect hair, perfect everything.  "Oh, I'm Dylan, I'm17"  

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