Blue and Alice are roommates and best friends, one day Alice and Blue dicide to take a vacation and they go to England and stay at a hotel, they get different rooms and get confused becouse they ordered a room together and they tried to get their rooms back but the hotel dosen't have enough space, so they are gonna have to stay in their sepparate rooms with their new roommates and what will happen next read and figure out


4. texting Ali

Blue's POV

i got a txt from Alice:

Ali!!!;): hey,how is your roomamate?

me:he is good and has 3 of his friends over here,his name is liam and his friends are louis,zayn and niall,how is your roommate?

Ali!!!;): my roommate when i first saw him he was with boxers only on and his name is harry

me: U la la, do you like him?

Ali!!!;): NO!!!

me: Oh come on ali,you know you like him

Ali!!!;): no way,no thank you missi

me:oh ok can i meet this new boyfriend of yours?lol

Ali!!!;): sure and he is not my boyfriend

me: of course not

Ali!!!;): im serious what about you miss i have 4 boys in my room

Then louis grabbed my phone i tried to get it back but he sat on my stomach

louis started reading the messages outloud and everybody laughed i dont know why, then he texted ali something and gave me my phone back

me:hello love this is louis here,can you please come up we would love to meet you thanks bye

Ali!!!;): ok

me: seriously?

Ali!!!;): yeah, im gonna bring my roommate to,he wants to meet you

me:ohh ok your new boyfriend wants to meet me,amazing i would love to meet him to

Ali!!!;): Stop it!!!!

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