Blue and Alice are roommates and best friends, one day Alice and Blue dicide to take a vacation and they go to England and stay at a hotel, they get different rooms and get confused becouse they ordered a room together and they tried to get their rooms back but the hotel dosen't have enough space, so they are gonna have to stay in their sepparate rooms with their new roommates and what will happen next read and figure out


2. room switch with blue

Blue's POV

We got to the hotel and checked in,we were on the elevator," i cant wait to see our view on floor 4!"i said

"floor 4? what are you talking about, i have floor 3!" alice said

"that cant be,we asked for one room to share!!!" i said

"im guessing they messed up,come one let's go tell them" alice said

"ok" i said

We were in the main lobby,"excuse me um we ordered for one room for both of us to share and you gave us different rooms" i said politely to the man behind the counter,"oh let me check","im srry ladies,but there is no space in the hotel,you guys are going to have to share the rooms you guys got with your new roommates in your sepparate rooms" the man said politely"

"WHAT!!!" both alice and i yelled shocked

"Yes ladies im srry" the man said politely

"it's ok,but is there a way we can get our room both of us sharing?" i asked the man

"No im srry ladies but there is no room available for quite a while"the man said to us

" oh ok,well thank you"alice said to the man

Alice and i walked back into the elevator

" well, text me when we get to our rooms,and here is an extra key for my room just incase,wich you would like to use for waking me up in the morning" i said to alice

"ok, your so lazy,but here is my extra room key and i will text you" alice said

"ok bye" i said

"bye" alice said waving, i waved back

i oppened the door to my room, and right there,there were 3 boys, a black haired one was chansing another one that was screaming "YOU WILL NEVER CATCH ME ALIVE!!!" he was saying and he had a stripped shirt on,a blonde one was eating food,and a another boy with a birthmark in his neck was watching tv.

"Um" i blurted out of my mouth

"Oh um hello,how did you get a key for this room" the one in the couch asked standing up of the couch coming to me

"well they gave me this key so i could stay in this room,there was no space and they wanted me to stay in this room"i explained

"but i can see there is not space,so i'll just go to find my friend to see if her new roommate and her would let me stay" i said turning around

"no wait" he said while turning me around

"there is space,these are just my friends hagging around here" he explained

"oh ok but i dont wanna be a bother to-" i was cutt of by him,"don't worry, you won't be and also i can handle these guys" he said

"ok"i giggled

Liam's POV

When i first saw her i liked her ammidietly,she was so beautiful with her long curly hair,and her brown eyes,i can't believe she is my new roommate,i hope none of the guys like her, i am gonna meet her to know her.

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