Blue and Alice are roommates and best friends, one day Alice and Blue dicide to take a vacation and they go to England and stay at a hotel, they get different rooms and get confused becouse they ordered a room together and they tried to get their rooms back but the hotel dosen't have enough space, so they are gonna have to stay in their sepparate rooms with their new roommates and what will happen next read and figure out


3. room switch with Alice

Alice's POV

i oppened my door to see no one in there just a bag on one of the beds

i went inside and closed the door behind me

then a boy with curled hair and he only had boxers on

"who are you?" he asked

"i'll tell you who i am soon just putt your pants on first please" i demanded

"ok but you know you love it" he said

"omg no no thank you" i said and turned around

he putt on his pants and asked me who i was i said

"i am your new roommate apperantly,the hotel didn't have enough room and they sepparated me and my friend to sepparate rooms and i ended up in this room with u" i explained "before you say anything you can just ignore him or i'll leave with my friend" i said

"no dont worry love its ok,you can't stay here" he said

" ok thanks but im not dealing with you walking around almost naked here" i stated,he laughed "aww but come on" he said "you can do it when im not here but when i am you better have pants on" i said " ok ok" he said, "so what is your name?" i aksed,"its Alice,and you are?" i said "Harry Styles" he said, "mhm, i think i've heard that before but i can't figure out where","im in a band called One Direction","oh yeah i heard one of your songs on the radio with my friend,speaking of my friend wich i have to text" i said, and pulled out my phone


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