Blue and Alice are roommates and best friends, one day Alice and Blue dicide to take a vacation and they go to England and stay at a hotel, they get different rooms and get confused becouse they ordered a room together and they tried to get their rooms back but the hotel dosen't have enough space, so they are gonna have to stay in their sepparate rooms with their new roommates and what will happen next read and figure out


1. Hello England

Blue's POV

i came from work and it was the last day becouse now it was summer,

"Alice im back!!!" i yelled, alice came running to me,"hey,i had the best i dea for what to do in the summer!!!" alice said to me exitedly

"what's the idea?" i asked alice

"i was thinking that we could go to England for the summer and go stay in a hotel" alice said

"omg that is a good idea, let's go for it" i said

"great, you start packing,i already packed, and i will buy us tickets" alice

"sounds good" i said and went to my room and started packing

Alice's POV

i went to my computer to buy tickets and i bought 2 tickets for tonight at 10:00 and it was 9:45 right now

"Blue were leaving in 10 minutes!!!"i yelled to blue

"im done" blue said walking out of her room

"ok come one let's go"i said

"ok"blue said

We both took our bags to our car and drived to the airport we dropped our bags and passed trough security and were sitting in our seats in the plain.

3 hours later

Blue's POV

We got out of the plain and airport and took a cab to our hotel, we decided to go to a hotel called The Pamela.


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