Halfway Gone (Louis Tomlinson)

It wasn't my intention. I didn't know it would happen like that. I was just simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now, I have to run. And running from the law is not easy. Especially when your a 17 year old fugitive.

Despite all my attempts to hide and disguise myself, I can't seem to escape it. When I finally reached a small town in Missouri, nobody can find me. Right? It's not like I'm guilty, I didn't do anything. But, making the mistakes I made, no one will believe me. That's why I ran in the first place.

Now, in this small town out of all things possible, I run into my ex-best friend. Louis. He's the cause of this all. When he left for the X-Factor, I made some wrong turns and hung out with the wrong people. Sometimes, you can't hide from all your problems and when Louis begins asking questions, I do what I do best. Lie.


4. Chapter 3 "On The Run, Again"

I ran all the way home, ignoring everyone on my way. I burst through the door, packing all the essentials I need to leave with. I took half of my clothes, my money, and a few other things I could really use. 

As much as I love Mineral Point, I can't stay. Not now. Sooner or later he's going to find out. He'll probably call my mom, first, telling her I'm alive. She'll have to tell him then, he'll call the police and I'll be done for. Unless I run. Maybe Canada? Arizona? 

I swiped my keys and looked back at my raided house. There isn't much left, I don't keep much stuff for this very reason. You'd think it'd be hard, leaving this town. They've become so much like family over the period I've stayed here. I'm used to it, though, to where it doesn't even hurt anymore. My last town, in Oregon, I met a boy. Jared. I'll never forget him, but I will not wallow either. 

I drove quickly out of Mineral Point. Out of Minnesota. I was pressured to think of where I was going, somewhere I haven't already hit. It also has to be far away . . . I got it! I know exactly where I'm going.

I left my phone at my old house, as I always did, along with a small note. Usually I wouldn't leave a note, but I know I'll be missed here. This note wasn't like the one I left for Jared, though. The only thing in common with the two was that I told them not come look for me. I'm sure they'll listen.

I drove past Luke's, slowing down a little to take a look inside. I will admit, I will miss this place more than I'll miss any other.  I grew so close to the people here. It's hard to imagine never seeing them again, not painful, just hard. 

I finally reached the town line, leaving Mineral Point for good now. I drove smoothly down the highway, not looking back once.


I reached a gas station right outside of Minnesota, in eastern North Dakota, I think. I stopped for some gas and food. Maybe they'll even let me use the bathroom?

I walked in, rounded the corner and picked out a few bags of chips and two water bottles. I went to the counter to ring it up, but no body was there. 

"Hello?" I called. I heard a quiet moan from behind the counter. I leaned up and peaked over the counter. 

I shrieked, looking at a bloody man laying on the ground on the verge on unconsciousness, and dropped all my stuff to the ground. It looked like the was bashed in the head with a bat, cut on the cheek with a knife, and stabbed in the leg. I rushed to the other side of the counter and knelt beside him. "What happened?" 

I couldn't help my instant reaction to ask what happened, whether or not I knew he couldn't speak to tell me. I reached up and grabbed the land-line telephone. I quickly dialed the three numbers I despise the most and spoke quickly into the phone. 

"Hi, a man was attacked. The Shell gas station on I-80. Okay, thank you." I was surprised they heard me through my tears. I looked at the man with worried eyes, his on the other hand, widened. His scream was muffled, like it had to be forced out. I turned around to see what his strange reaction was to, but couldn't believe what I was looking at. 

This is impossible. I shook my head, the tears falling more rapidly now. I backed away, slowly standing to my feet and moving back further. This can't be happening. Not now. Not like this. 

"Well, well, well. If it isn't Lorelei Songer. Long time, no see."

My worst fear has come into play. The day I see him again, I was wishing would never come, is here. And like this? Did he attempt to murder someone else? How many people has he murdered? Is this was he does? What he's always done? Was I just blind to it back then? And to think I used to date this man... sick. 

A lump in my throat formed. I clenched my fists and ducked my eyes. I opened my mouth, trying to find words to say, but all I could say was his name. So quiet it was barely possible to hear. A name I hated with all my heart. A name I cringed at the sound of. A name that ruined my life forever. 


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