Halfway Gone (Louis Tomlinson)

It wasn't my intention. I didn't know it would happen like that. I was just simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now, I have to run. And running from the law is not easy. Especially when your a 17 year old fugitive.

Despite all my attempts to hide and disguise myself, I can't seem to escape it. When I finally reached a small town in Missouri, nobody can find me. Right? It's not like I'm guilty, I didn't do anything. But, making the mistakes I made, no one will believe me. That's why I ran in the first place.

Now, in this small town out of all things possible, I run into my ex-best friend. Louis. He's the cause of this all. When he left for the X-Factor, I made some wrong turns and hung out with the wrong people. Sometimes, you can't hide from all your problems and when Louis begins asking questions, I do what I do best. Lie.


2. Chapter 1 "Missouri"

The past is the past, right? Wrong.

You can't escape the past.


I would know, I've been trying now for two years. That's why I'm here. A small suburb in Missouri. Mineral Point, Missouri. I've been staying here for about three months now. Trying to get through, being as I'm only 17 and never finished school. I guess I'm a fugitive and a dropout. 

I'm staying in a little rented townhouse under the name "Ruby Fitch" Not the best choice, I know, but I couldn't use my real name. Lorelei Lee Songer. Most people call me Rory-well they did, anyway. 

I have made some decent friends here, none knowing about my "situation" though. I call it 'the Escape' I thought I should address it properly, and my friend came up with the name. Okay, I lied. One person knows-and believes-the real story of what happened that night. Her name is Evelyn, but we call her Evie. Like I said, this is a very small town and everyone knows everyone. Or they think they do. 

I'm Ruby Fitch, the not-so-new girl in town. I live in a small house on the friendliest street in town. Everyone loves me, Miss Leslie, the rose shop owner and my lovely next-door neighbor, offered to be my part-time mom, and even though I said no she checks up on me every twenty minutes. Luke, the man who owns the diner, offered me a job-which he never does for anyone. Ever. Dean, Miss Leslie's son, has asked me out over five times-getting rejected each time. Michelle, she owns the Inn downtown and she's also Evie's mom, offered me a place to stay-before I got my house and was sleeping in my crappy junk car. And then there's Mrs. Patty, the principal of the school, who has begged me countless times to come to the school. She handed me a test that I supposedly aced and she told me I was gifted and Mineral Point High School could really use my high standards. I always was an honors student, even after I started hanging out with the wrong crew.

I took up the offer on the job, but I said no to going to school. I'm responsible enough to live without it. Besides, I'm not sure how long I can stay here before the feds catch up. I might just be able to stay the rest of my life here. I'm pretty sure I'm off the charts now. I changed my name, my hair, my style, I even got colored contacts.

My hair used to be dark brown and straight, now it's dirty blonde and curly. My eyes were dark brown, now with my contacts they're blue. My style used to be casual but sexy, now it's colorful and still sexy. There isn't much else I can change about myself, I did get a tan while I was in Florida so that changed. I'm not proud of my actions but I can't just give up. Now, even if they know I'm not guilty, I still go to jail for running. Life is much easier as Ruby, not Rory. 

"Here you go, enjoy your coffee Micky!" I said, handing Michelle her coffee. We all call her Micky, even Evie, her daughter. She's a very young woman, being only thirty-two. She had Evie when she was fifteen, I look up to her. How she got through all of that on her own. It gives me hope. Not that I'm pregnant, that I can still live a life even if I'm breaking the law in the process. Micky runs the inn. She runs it. At thirty-two. To me, that's just spectacular. 

"So, how's Luke doing this fine morning?" I asked, sitting down in front of the counter. Luke is like a dad to me, saying as I never had a real dad. My dad died when I was twelve, leaving my and my mom on our own. I feel really guilty leaving her. I call her from a payphone from time to time while I'm on the run but I won't tell her where I am. 

"I'm doing just fine, Missy. Shouldn't you be working? I didn't hire you to sit here and tease me." He said in his manly tone. Luke was about thirty-six. He was very uptight for being such a young guy but that's what makes him Luke. He has these dashing blue eyes and has that light-but-all-over beard giving him that shaggy look. And he always wears a baseball cap on his head, backwards. If you look beyond his grumpy, uptight, very rude impression he's a really cool guy.

"I'm doing no such thing!" I fake gasped, clamping my hand over my chest, "You just look so cute with your little apron! Now you just need to find the matching face! No, not that one. That's the one that scares off children!" I teased, trying to copy his face. We stood there for a moment making mean faces at each-other until I burst out laughing. I couldn't hold it in-it was just so funny to annoy Luke, especially if you call him cute. That's usually what does the trick. 

"Your such a brat, you know that?" I nodded. 

"Yup! That's me alright!" I agreed. He laughed and shook his head as if saying 'what am I going to do with you?' He gives me that look everyday. It just gets funnier and funnier. 

"Ruby!" Evie yelled, bursting into the diner. I hopped off the seat and stood in front of her. 

"Yes Evie?" I asked, crossing my arms. She took in a big breath and started to talk. 

"One Direction. One Direction are staying at the Inn. One Direction!" She smiled wildly and started doing an odd but funny happy dance. I stood there in shock. I never told Evie about Louis and I. I figured it was an unimportant fact that would never need to be told. 

I stood there in pure terror. If One Direction are staying in town that mean Louis' staying. What if I run into him? What would I do? Run? That is what I'm best at... but I really like it here. I think I'll lock myself away until they leave. 

"Are you okay? I just told you the best news and you look like I just told you I killed your mom." She said, her face showing worry and compassion. Evie was a nice and caring girl. She was the perfect best friend. Although she can't be with me at all times of day, she always there when I need her. 

"Oh yeah, I'm fine. I just uh, have to um, run home real fast." I stuttered, untying my olive green apron and tossing it behind the counter to Luke. I mouthed a quick 'Sorry, gotta go' to Luke and ran out of the diner. It didn't come as much of a surprise when Evie started chasing after me. I stopped and looked back at her. 

"Lorelei, what is going on?" Oh great. She's using my real name. She only uses my real name when she's getting mad or upset. 

"Evie, I'm sorry I just have to go... get ready. Yeah. Get ready, if I'm going to meet One Direction I better look nice." I lied. Lying was something else I'm very good at. It's just become natural for me, and I know that isn't good but what else am I going to do? Exactly. 

"Oh great! Let me help you!" She said, getting all cheery. I shook my head. 

"No, you go do your thing while I do mine. How about I meet you at the Inn in fifteen minutes?" She stood there a moment unsure but soon nodded and walked off in the other direction. I sighed and started walking back home. What am I going to do now?


A/N** First chapter! What do you think? Please comment and let me know :)) And sorry it took so long to publish, I just had tons of homework and stuff and completely forgot but I really hope you enjoyed! xx

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