Halfway Gone (Louis Tomlinson)

It wasn't my intention. I didn't know it would happen like that. I was just simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now, I have to run. And running from the law is not easy. Especially when your a 17 year old fugitive.

Despite all my attempts to hide and disguise myself, I can't seem to escape it. When I finally reached a small town in Missouri, nobody can find me. Right? It's not like I'm guilty, I didn't do anything. But, making the mistakes I made, no one will believe me. That's why I ran in the first place.

Now, in this small town out of all things possible, I run into my ex-best friend. Louis. He's the cause of this all. When he left for the X-Factor, I made some wrong turns and hung out with the wrong people. Sometimes, you can't hide from all your problems and when Louis begins asking questions, I do what I do best. Lie.


1. Halfway Gone - Prolouge

"Where's the money?" A man in a black hood asked Ethan. 

"You have to show me the gun first." Ethan ordered. The man pulled a black handgun halfway out of his pocket, flashing it at Ethan. Ethan held out his hand, implying he want to hold it first. The man slid it into his hand and he observed it carefully, brushing his fingers over the exterior of the gun, wrapping his fingers around the handle and allowing one to slip on to the trigger. 

"Now where's the money?" 

"Oh right!" Ethan put his hand in his pocket and searched around. The next few moments were blurry, it happened so sudden. Ethan whipped around and pointed to gun at the man's head. I silently gasped, shaking. I didn't know what was going on. Ethan said he wanted the gun to go hunting... 

He held the gun firmly, keeping it directed at the man. 

"What are you doing?" The man asked, not making a move. We were in a dark alley in the middle of the night. Ethan said this was the only way he could get a gun without a license and he was too young for a license, being only sixteen. Ethan pulled the trigger, firing a bullet right through the man's head. The shot was loud, leaving a constant ring throughout my ears. I noticed the dark red blood oozing from the hole in which he was shot. Ethan was tugging at my arm, trying to make me move but my feet felt like they were nailed to the ground. 

It was all so fast I didn't realize Ethan had already left. The police sirens are what woke me from my trance. I also didn't feel myself fall to my knees, but I was surely kneeling on my knees with puffy eyes and tear stained cheeks. The police showed up and a flashlight ran across my face and shined through me. I didn't what to do, so I did the only thing that crossed my mind. I ran. They all chased after me, the policemen, but I managed to escape and find a secure place to hide for the time being. What had just happened back there? Ethan just shot a man? My boyfriend just murdered somebody... 

But the police didn't see him.

They saw me.


Prologue to my second story! Yay! Please comment and let me know what you think! It would mean so much! Favorite and like and fan me if you enjoy it! I really hope you do! Please comment!!! And yes, I make really short prologues but they're just a preview to the story, the actual story will be much longer ;) Anyway, like I said... COMMENT!!! Please and thank you ♥ <3

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