I Need You.

Hannah's having some trouble in her life. Boy problems, her dad abuses her, and her friends don't care about her. She has no one to save her. But when she meets Harry at a club, she thinks she might be saved.


4. Mystery Girl


There have been rumors that Harry Styles has been dating a mystery girl for about a week now, but won’t confirm it.

Harry Styles taken? It seems as if Harry has gotten over Taylor and found himself a mystery girl.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have recently broken up and Harry’s been seen with a black haired girl everywhere he goes. Even the rest of the boys have been seen with her. Is this One Direction’s new friend? Or Harry’s secret girlfriend that the boys all love?


Harry’s POV


Simon turned off the TV and looked at me. “Mystery girl?”

I sighed and nodded. “It’s just Hannah. Plus, no one knows we’re dating and we can keep it that way, if you want.”

“Of course I want that, Harry,” he snapped. “You’re suppose to be single and you know that we don’t want the media to go crazy over this. Just tell every single interviewer that you guys are just friends.”

I nodded, understanding the whole thing. I looked down and played with my fingers. Hannah’s going to have to be a secret. Why didn’t I see this coming before?

“Now, you have an interview in 30 minutes, go get ready.”

I nodded again and got out of my chair. “Remember Harry..” I heard Simon start. I looked at him with a fake smile. “We’re just good friends,” I finished for him. He smiled and nodded. I sighed and started walking toward the door.

As I got out, flashing lights came upon my face. God damn paparazzi. I blocked my face and kept walking through the crowd.

“Harry, what’s up with you and the black haired chick?” most of them were yelling. I just shrugged it off and finally walked out of the crowd.

I got to my car and jumped in. I let my head fall against the steering wheel. I felt some tears well up in my eyes but I wiped them away. I don’t want paparazzi to make a story about this and be like, “Harry Styles crying? Could it be about the mystery girl?

I looked up and started the car up. As I drove through the parking lot, I saw paparazzi get in front of my car, not letting me through. Out of anger, I pulled my middle finger up and put in close to the window. “Get out of my way!” I shouted and honked the horn.

They all took a picture and quickly got out of my way. Can’t wait to see this in the papers. I drove out of the parking lot and headed to the studio where we were having the interview. I parked my car and jumped out. As I made my way to the door, I saw a camera flash in the bush next to me. I kicked the bush out of anger and heard the man groan. I smiled and walked inside of the studio.

“There you are!” Louis yelled. He ran up to me and hugged me. “Where have you been, mate?”

I sighed. “Had a talk with Simon.”

“What happened?” Niall asked, walking up to us. All the other boys followed him, looking concerned.

“He doesn’t want me to tell anyone I’m dating Hannah.”

“Why’s that?” Liam asked me, kind of looking confused.

“It’ll just cause a lot of commotion, I guess. I’m just upset that I can’t tell anyone I love Hannah,” I told them, my voice cracking. All of them sighed and hugged me. I hugged back only Louis and Zayn since they were hugging me at the same time and I can’t reach all of them. As they let go, I wiped some of the tears that fell.

“Boys,” the stage manager yelled. “Get over here now! You’re going to be on in 2 minutes.”

As he left, I sighed. “Think you can do the interview, mate?” Liam asked me. I looked at him and just nodded.


In The Interview


“Hello boys,” the interviewer said in a cheery voice. Nice to know she’s in a good mood.

“Hello!” we all said in a cheery voice except me. I just said it in my normal tone.

“Harry, you feeling alright?” the interviewer asked me. I looked up at her, putting on a fake smile.

“Yeah, I’m great,” I lied, pulling at my jacket nervously.

“Oh, Harry,” she started. Here it comes. “I’ve heard about you and this mystery girl. What’s up with you guys?”

I chuckled nervously. “Oh, we’re just friends.”

“Lier!” I heard many people shout in the audience. I laughed awkwardly and shook my head. “I’m not lying, I promise,” I said.

Someone in the audience raised their hand. “Oh, someone has a question for Harry?” the interviewer said. A man gave the girl in the audience a microphone. As she stood up, I looked at her outfit. A t-shirt with all our faces on it with our faces on it and some jeans. Oh, great, she’s a fan.

“Are you sure you guys are friends? I mean, have you seen all of those pictures of you guys? You look at her like you’re in love with her face, or just her in general. You never looked at Taylor like that. I ship you guys, by the way. Hannah and Harry forever!” as she said those last words, everyone screamed and clapped. Guess everyone likes us together.

I smiled at her, making her cheeks turn pink. “You know what,” I said, standing up from my seat. “I’m really pissed off about this whole thing. I’m supposed to lie about my relationships. Taylor and me? Fake.” Everyone screamed and clapped. “Me and Hannah? Real.”

Everyone screamed even louder. Simon’s going to be pissed but I don’t care. It’s my life and I need to tell the truth about it, whether people like it or not.

I felt someone’s arms wrap around me. I turned to see who it was and realized it was Hannah. My arms instantly wrapped around her. All the ‘awes’ made my cheeks go light pink. “We’re not a secret, babe,” I whispered in her ear. Knowing everyone could hear what I said, I smiled when they all said ‘aw’ louder.

“I know,” she whispered back. She looked up at me, her lips curving into a smile. I looked down at her lips and bit my own. I leaned down and kissed her pink lips.

Everyone in the audience cheered. It was an amazing moment. Me kissing my girlfriend on national TV and having people accept it. The only thing I have to worry about is terrifying. Hate. Not on me, on Hannah. I don’t want her to be hurt. This is going to be tough, but we can work through it.

Well, at least, I hope we can. 

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