Cause' I've Been Thinking About Forever.

JoJo, a six year old girl, a foster kid all of her life has never felt love. But, when the order form for Valentines Grams came out she filled a form out and sent it to the cutest boy in first grade, Zayn Malik. And today is the day that the grams are given out. Will Zayn reject the Valentines Gram or think about forever and eternal life with JoJo and show her what love feels like.


1. Forever.

JoJo gulped as she saw her foster mom Drusilla, or better known are Dru bend her foster brother, Kieran over and spank him with anger. Tears formed in Kieran's eyes as the as the spankings got more unbearable. "You're next ." Dru said as she darted her bloodshot eyes at JoJo's behind. Just as Drusilla finished spanking Kieran the bus was waiting on her. She ran as fast as she could to the door. She would do whatever she could to get out of that hell hole. She boarded the bus followed by a red-faced Kieran. She sat down on the bus and played with her coarse black hair. She always wondered why she didn't have nice clothes, and her skin was a medium shade of brown , and was she was a little fluffy. 

She hopped of the bus and was welcomed by her friends, Kaytlin and Lauren. "JoJo, the Valentine Grams are being given out today!" Kaytlin sqeeked. Kaytlin and Lauren were only ones JoJo told that I was going to give the cutest boy in first grade, Zayn Malik a Valentine Gram. I walked up to my classroom with Kaytlin and Lauren. "JoJo we still have your back even if he rejects the gram." Lauren said as we stood in front of our classroom. We entered the classroom and everyone was sitting there. Mrs. Gallihar stood their and glared at us three. "The three stooges are late again." she sighed as I took my seat. "I'm Curly!" I yelled so everyone would know. "I'm Mo!" Kaytlin shouted. "I'm Larry!" Lauren shouted just as loud. I took my seat with Lauren on my left and Kaytlin on my right. Zayn sits in front of me.Lucky me, I get to stare at his butt all day. I snickered and snapped out of my trance when the door opened.Mrs. Jeany had a box full of teddy bears and lollipops with little paper hearts tapped to them.

"I'm here delivering Valentine Grams. Are you Mrs. Gallihar's class?" she asked as I got quivers in my stomach. "Yes, yes we are." It seems that their is only one brave soul in this class."So Zayn Malik come up here and claim your Valentine Gram." Zayn shyly went up to the front of the room and claimed his Valentine Gram. Kaytlin nudged me, as Lauren started busting out laughing and was the only one that was laughing. People were frantically asking Zayn who it was from and before he could answer it was time for lunch. I entered the lunch room and sat down with my tray. I couldn't eat only because I had quivers in my stomach. Zayn kept on exchanging me looks. The dirty looks, actually. 

Next it was time for play-time. I was sitting outside playing when Zayn came up to me. "Hey, I seen where you had gave me that Valentine thing. It was pretty good." he laughed. "Do you hate me now?" I asked. "No, actually cause' thinking about forever, and I really like you JoJo." she said and blushed. "Really, oh my this is the best day ever!" I screamed while Lauren and Kaytlin snickered. "Forever Zayn?" I asked. "Forever." he said and grabbed my hand. I ran and held hands to go tell Kaytlin and Lauren the good news.

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