forever is forever (a niall horan fan fic) + 13

Hi im Sommer ,im 18 yrs. and a big fan of one direction .
im going to see my friend Eleanor who lives in the U.k and we are gong to see one direction I cant wait. we will be able to talk and meet them I will be leaving in a week .im really happy cause I can get away from my step dad I hate him he beats me and once he raped me . my mom died when I was 11 so I got left with him ." sommer get down here" my dad yelled "ok" I said going down the stairs. "come here " he said mad "yes father?" I said meanly "don't talk to me like that" he said and I knew what was next a slap in the face. I fell to the floor I got up went up stairs packed my bags with makeup , cloths , tooth brush, plane tickets, phone. then climbed out of my window ....................see wht happens nexts


4. ummm i got a boyfriend sorry

nialls p.o.v




I think I love her  she is beautiful I wonder if she thinks the same about me I was interrupted by her movimg around I guess she was havin a nightmare "stop dad please let go of me" she screamed harry looked at me but I didn't know what to do. " get you fucking hands of me now!" by that I shook her and she woke up "ahhhhhhhhhhhh what the hell?" she screamed

"im sorry love I didn't mean to wake you but you were screaming" I say TRYING to calm her down "ohh yeah sorry"

"its ok" "sooo are we there yet?" "umm in like 30 mins "

"ohh ok what do you want to do "she asked "HOW ABOUT TRUTH OR DARE" Louis screams "god lou you got to be that loud?""umm yea all of yall are death you wont here dhuuuu" he said snaping his fingers in z formation " ok and lou its def NOT death " 'well wat ever I knew that " " ok lets play truthor dare " I say in a deep voice "ok who wants to start " liam says "ME ME the tomo Tomlinson ""ok ""sommer truth or dare?" "dare " "ok I dare you to lick harrys face the kiss niall ON THE LIPS on both of them ""ok"




sommers P.O.V





"ok " then I go over to harry lick him on the lips he tasted good then whent over to niall and kissed him omg he has the softest lips he kissed back which I though was wired then we pulled up in to the drive way "ok guy one of yall will have to share a room with sommer "liam said

then all of them at the same time said "ME" "ok pick one " harry said umm " liam" "awwww" all of them said "come up to the room I will show you around when we get unpacked""umm ok" 

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