forever is forever (a niall horan fan fic) + 13

Hi im Sommer ,im 18 yrs. and a big fan of one direction .
im going to see my friend Eleanor who lives in the U.k and we are gong to see one direction I cant wait. we will be able to talk and meet them I will be leaving in a week .im really happy cause I can get away from my step dad I hate him he beats me and once he raped me . my mom died when I was 11 so I got left with him ." sommer get down here" my dad yelled "ok" I said going down the stairs. "come here " he said mad "yes father?" I said meanly "don't talk to me like that" he said and I knew what was next a slap in the face. I fell to the floor I got up went up stairs packed my bags with makeup , cloths , tooth brush, plane tickets, phone. then climbed out of my window ....................see wht happens nexts


6. the payne / the hospital





I heard yelling so I whent up stairs and found harry punching the hell out of sommer "stop harry stop" I yelled he looked at me and keept going then he yeled at her don't call me and asshole" he punched harder "don't call me a manwhore" that's when he went to far I heard a crack her neck I whent to harry and started punching him "stop stop stop stop " I heard from zayn but no I kept going .he hurt her so I will hurt him that's when I got pulled off of him he had blood everywhere I felt bad but he hurt her we need to take her to the hospital

"what the hell man?" "sorry" "ok what happened to her?""i don't know I heard screaming and came up to harry punching sommer i told him to stop but he whent to far and cracked her neck we need to get to th hospital....

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