forever is forever (a niall horan fan fic) + 13

Hi im Sommer ,im 18 yrs. and a big fan of one direction .
im going to see my friend Eleanor who lives in the U.k and we are gong to see one direction I cant wait. we will be able to talk and meet them I will be leaving in a week .im really happy cause I can get away from my step dad I hate him he beats me and once he raped me . my mom died when I was 11 so I got left with him ." sommer get down here" my dad yelled "ok" I said going down the stairs. "come here " he said mad "yes father?" I said meanly "don't talk to me like that" he said and I knew what was next a slap in the face. I fell to the floor I got up went up stairs packed my bags with makeup , cloths , tooth brush, plane tickets, phone. then climbed out of my window ....................see wht happens nexts


8. the hospital

zayns P.O.V


niall hasnt moved in two days and im worried he wasnt even dating her so why is he so uppset. she is in a coma which is super bad shes on life sopport and harry well broken nose jaw he sould recover in a month . "man you need to eat" "no she on life support  LIFE SOPPORT IVE SAT HERE WATING TO GET A CALL SO WE CAN TAKE HER HOME I LOVE HER I WANT HER BUT SO DO YALL I LOVE HER YOU GET EVRY GIRL IN THE WORLD SO DOES HARRY CUT ME SOME SLACK!" "calm down I found a girl I like an....."I was cut by him "AND I HOPE HARRY DIES she didn't deserve that "he said trying to hold back the tears but it didn't work he burst out in tears "I...I just want her in my arms I look like a mess we had to tell all our fans( directioners) that we cant do any shows because harry can we visit ?""if you eat its not like you loovvveee food  "ok fine "he ate and we left as we pulled out  I heard a big boom and them niall was in payne then he was bleeding  my window was broken  he got shot by someone whoed shoot him ? "NIALL ARE YOU OK?""TAKE ME TO THE HOSPITAL.......NOW!!!!"




sommers p.o.v



 I felt a sharp payne in my wrist then woke up to them putting needles in my wrist and checking my heart rate then I look over to some boy I felt like I know him why am I in the hospital.......?"why am I  here?"i asked but no answer"EXSCUSE ME WHY AM I IN HERE?!""you got severely hurt""who is he?""i think he is harry styles?" she said while look over at him just then two boys came in."hi boys she is right here "" ok" they said one was really cute and had blond hair and very pretty blue eyes and an irish accent ... the other one had brown hair with a quiff and dark brown eyes they were so beautiful ... I was intrupted by the blondone " hi sommer" "hi whats your name?""umm you know my name its niall" "umm im sorry I don't know you ""please zayn please tell me your joking  around ""no mate im sorry " "well....." just then I cut of by nialls lip crashing in to mine I kiss back it all clicked I lived with them and harrys the one who put me into the hospital I hate hi"nial" I said in the middle of the kiss "wha?" "I love you" I wispered   into his ear "I love you to""will you go out with me to night for dinner?" he asked  "yes I would love to"

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