forever is forever (a niall horan fan fic) + 13

Hi im Sommer ,im 18 yrs. and a big fan of one direction .
im going to see my friend Eleanor who lives in the U.k and we are gong to see one direction I cant wait. we will be able to talk and meet them I will be leaving in a week .im really happy cause I can get away from my step dad I hate him he beats me and once he raped me . my mom died when I was 11 so I got left with him ." sommer get down here" my dad yelled "ok" I said going down the stairs. "come here " he said mad "yes father?" I said meanly "don't talk to me like that" he said and I knew what was next a slap in the face. I fell to the floor I got up went up stairs packed my bags with makeup , cloths , tooth brush, plane tickets, phone. then climbed out of my window ....................see wht happens nexts


10. the date part two

harrys p.o.v




 "hi harry " sommer said softly " im sorry " i said as i saw a tear roll down her cheek"harry"she said in between sobs "sorry doesn't cut it you hurt me i dont think i can ever forgive you " "but-" "no harry i have to go "



 sommers P.O.V


"no  harry i have to go " i said  as i walked out of the room i walked up the stairs and whent to my room to get ready i picked out a cute pink sweater with a big bow on it , dark blue booty shorts,and my converse heels."hi " niall said as i jumped"god nialler you scared me" i said as i giggled "you ready ?" "yeah let me put on a little bit of make-up"you look beautiful without make-up "" fine let me put on some mascara on ok?"


"IM READY " i yelled "ok  bye guys" "bye they all said " you look great babe" niall said as  he opend the car door for me "you too babe and thanks "i said as i gave him a kiss i buckled up as ha started the car then i put on some music ( hot 95.7) and  as long as you love me came on and we sang along then he turned it down . " umm how was you day?" "ummmmm good how about you ?" "good im glad you came home i missed you when you kissed me in truth or dare i felt sparks fly ""me to i......i..." "what i couldnt here you ?" i want to tell him i love him but im scared he doesnt feel the same way ' i love you so much"'i love you to  be my girlfriend?" niall said " nialll...... ive been waiting for you to ask me that for a long time  yes niall i will be glad to be you girlfriend 


we pulled up to the restaurant  my fave nandos "niall i love nandos ""omg gurl i love nandos too" niall said in a girly voice we walked in and waited for a good 20 min "mr.horan sorry to keep you waiting we will show you to you table " we got to our table and sat down i picked up the menu  and read the choices."omg!!! its niall horan ' a girl screamed " hi niall how are you" she asked he didnt answer "niall talk to me now" she yelled "please im trying to have a nice dinner with my girlfriend please leave""can i get a picture?" "no im sorry maybe another time like after .ok?  " "ok sorry nial i didnt mean to interrupt " "its fine now go eat" 


"so babe what do you want ?""Chicken Breast Burger please" "ok i want the Double Chicken Breast Burger""ok it will take about 20 minutes " " thats fine" 


" here you go "out waiter said as she sat our food down we ate our food quickly and got dessert i got the Carrot Cake with Double Cream and nialler got the Chocolate Cheesecake with Double Cream and they were so yummy after we went to the little girl and took pictures  " what is your name?" niall asked the little girl "heather why" she asked " just asking its a very pretty name" we  had a nice chat  and we said our good byes and left "i had a great night niall thank you' " me too love "






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