forever is forever (a niall horan fan fic) + 13

Hi im Sommer ,im 18 yrs. and a big fan of one direction .
im going to see my friend Eleanor who lives in the U.k and we are gong to see one direction I cant wait. we will be able to talk and meet them I will be leaving in a week .im really happy cause I can get away from my step dad I hate him he beats me and once he raped me . my mom died when I was 11 so I got left with him ." sommer get down here" my dad yelled "ok" I said going down the stairs. "come here " he said mad "yes father?" I said meanly "don't talk to me like that" he said and I knew what was next a slap in the face. I fell to the floor I got up went up stairs packed my bags with makeup , cloths , tooth brush, plane tickets, phone. then climbed out of my window ....................see wht happens nexts


5. harry just go you manwhore

I  went up to the room to waite on liam to get up he was doing something  when I got pulled to the side and kissed harry "hary" I said between the kiss then I pulled away

"why would you do that?""im sorry sommer "what do you think you can just go around kissing girls ......... leave me alone I have a boyfriend I didn't tell no oone but liam for one resson ......I CAN TRUST HIM get away I don't want to see you face you manwhore " " sorry ok im not perfection ok I kissed you because I thought it would help me get over you all I do is mess things " he yelled and slapped me "dont call m a manwhore you bitch "he whispered to me. a fell to the floor with memories bad memories when my dad beat me I got up when he was waking out and walked over to him not knowing whats coming............then I pull his curly hair "owwwiiiee" "sorry motherfucker don't mess with the best you ashole " then I felt a punch to my face and it went black.

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