All I Need-- Wolf Book 1

Destiny's story is far from other romance ones. She's a werewolf with a broken heart. When an accidental encounter brings her close to Harry Styles. Could her heart be fixed or just destroyed. Being pack leader from the age of nine and having her brother torn away from her all she has left is three of her pack mates. But darkness is forming. Can she escape this everlasting hell with the help of her new friends?


2. Chapter 2

My heart had skipped thoousands of beats within that short span of time. We waved and waited till the guys were out of earshot till we started freaking out.

"I have a date with Harry Styles? How the hell did that happen?" I laughed and Angie and I wouldn't shut up the entire time walking back to the first floor.

"Just walking down some corridors with them was amazing don't ya think?" Angie sounded all bubbely and proud that she had met her idol and I was to 'hang' with mine.

"Yeah it was so cool." I looked around.

From then on I had total "swag" in my step as Angie had called it. Even Kiera who says nothing positive said something about me. I could not wait to get home. At our lunch break we sat outside of Nandos and talked with sodas in our hands.

"Don't you think you should be focusing more on the pack instead of this boy?" Kiera sounded resentful but true. We all gave her an awkward look.

"Just because you haven't dated anyone doesn't mean Destiny can't live a human life!" Molly said scornfully as a growl erupted through Kiera's throat.

"Honestly though when was the last time we check our territory." She said. I swallowed a nastly reply and let Angie cover up my words.

"So what- it's only been like four days like another pack could take our territory that soon!" Angie threw a breadcrumb to a nearby pidgeon.

"It could happen" Kiera growled. "I'm just saying you are leader so do that." She got up and walked back across the street to the studios. I almost jumped off the bench and clawed her. I was doing my best. People only see how tough I am on the outside but never how fragile I am on the inside. Kiear had always been this way. Always challenging me. On somedays she would have no attitude and act like a normal person.  I sighed and looked at the time.


"C'mon guys breaks over." I said and threw the trash away and briskly crossed the street.


Back at our apartment I threw my phone on the table and crashed onto the couch. I flicked on the tellie and barely payed attention to because I recently had a new twitter follower and of coarse it was Harry.  The evening  dragged on and I ended up falling asleep.

I woke up about an hour later and rolled off the couch and onto the floor. I stood up quickly and brushed myself, then looked around to make sure no one saw any thing. I looked to the coffe table and saw the green iMessage simbol - a new text messege. I swiftly grabbed my phone and slid the bar across with my heart thumping in my chest. Then I realized it was only my mum. I threw it back on the table and curled back up on the couch. I couldn't sleep so i popped in one of the Twilight movies and made some popcorn. During the previews I thought about what Kiera had said. Why had she been acting like that? Thats not like her definetly not-- She seemed more pissed off at life then normal.

I was shooken awake by rather cold hands. I peeled open my eyes and saw Molly's face- Then I smelt bacon and jumped up imediatly. After we ate, we hopped on the subway and traveled to work.


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