All I Need-- Wolf Book 1

Destiny's story is far from other romance ones. She's a werewolf with a broken heart. When an accidental encounter brings her close to Harry Styles. Could her heart be fixed or just destroyed. Being pack leader from the age of nine and having her brother torn away from her all she has left is three of her pack mates. But darkness is forming. Can she escape this everlasting hell with the help of her new friends?


1. Chapter 1

My story is real different from most other love-tragic stories. My name is Destiny, and I'm a werewolf- not a two-leg kind but the kind that are ten times larger than the normal wolves you see in a zoo. My pack mates, Angie, Molly, Kiera and I had recently just got a job at a studio in London.

Angie and I were carrying stacks of documents from the lobby to the top floor wich took a hell of a long time. So I decided to make one of those retarded conversations that I normally start when I'm bored.

"So have you seen anyone famouse yet?" I said.

"I saw Ed Sheeran!" she sounded legit.

"Really?" I gawked.

"Hahaha No just messing with you." she smirked. I gave her my famous I-Would-Smack-You-Right-Now look. I rolled my eyes and couldn't help but laugh. I'm pretty sure I would have said some remark along the lines of the same thing she said. The long corridor stretched out in front of us and I sighed as I saw a sign that said "STAIRS". As I rounded the corner I almost collied with a boy around the age as me. And in my almost collison most of our piles had fluttered to the floor.

"Sorry love!" a deep British accent rang through my ears. Then I look up and saw none other than Harry Styles and LIam Payne from One Direction. I just stared. Harry helped me grab my flying papers and offered his and Liam's help.

"I'm Harry" He said. I laughed and said my name. LIke I didn't know this boy!

"Which floor are we heading too?" Liam asked from the back.

"Top" I heard Angie reply and Liam groaned. Harry shot him a warning glance.

"So..." I said trying to start a conversation.

"Are you guys fans- I mean of us?" He asked looking into my eyes with his forest green ones.

"Oh yeah we're fans we love you guys and your music!" I said. He laughed.

"Well you guys aren't like freaking out or anything so I wasn't sure." He said. His voice, his laugh, his smile, all sent shivers through my spine. I bit my lip and thought carefully about my words so I didn't look stupid. I felt rather awkward. I honestly didn't know why. Maybe it was because a lot of young female interns were secretly killing me with their mind as we walked by. But I acted as though i didn't realise it. Another sign that indicated there was stairs came up to my left as we stopped to let a tellie cart pass by. Harry tapped me with his foot and nodded towards the celebrity elevators. Apparently interns like us weren't supposed to use them unless invited to.  Liam awkwardly pushed the elevator button and we waited for the elevator to come from the 12th floor to the second.

"So I haven't seen you guys around here. Where are you from?" Harry asked me.

"Well me and my friends recently moved here from Kent." I said.

"You look pretty young, how old are you guys?" Harry said trying to start a conversation.

"Well I'm 16, Angie is 16, my other friends-Molly whos 15 and Kiera whos 16 too" I said as we loaded the gigantic elevator.

"Wow don't you all have to go to school?" He asked truly into our conversation. I bit my lip again. None of us have ever been to school. Werewolves were born with the knowledge of what mostly high schoolars are learning.

"Well we sorta dropped out to start our lives early" That was the best thing I could come up with. He nodded and smiled.

"You guys are probably amazingly smart to do that." I looked up at the floor counter and saw we had just pased the 10th floor and would be to our destination any second. I sighed. These boys were nothing like the press had made them. The elevator loudly binged and we stepped out and walked down the hallway. Harry and Liam helped stack the papers then we walked back out into the drab hallway.

"Well it was lovely meeting you two, but we unfourtunatly have to get back to recording." Liam said.

"Yeah I guess so" Angie sounded disapointed. She had, had a crush on Liam ever since we started listening to One Direction.

Liam waved goodbye and the two began to walk back to the elevator but Harry stopped and walked back over to me.

"Hey I'd love to hang out with you sometime. Can I have your number?" He said. And I was caught on words and stumbled with them.

"Uhh Y-Yea sure." I handed him my phone and he handed me his. After a few minutes he handed me back my phone and waved goodbye to follow Liam.

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