Summer Lovin

Summer Trip. Ireland. I'm staying with a home stay family while here. That family happens to be the family of Niall Horan. The Niall Horan from one direction. As nervous as I am I just have to act normal. I never realized how much my life would change in a short amount of time.


2. Two


My P.O.V

I walk back over to the park to rejoin the boys and Niall.  "Back!" I say. "Kelsey! I missed I mean we missed you!" Niall says pulling me in for a hug. "Whoa there Niall, I was only gone for ten minutes" I laugh. "It seemed like forever" Harry grins. "Niall can you let go, your kind of squishing me" "Sorry" "My turn!!" Harry says coming in between Niall and I hugging me.

"Why are you guys hugging me so tightly?" I ask. "Harry likes you and so does Niall" Liam whispers. "You don't say Liam" I whisper back. "Wait! you know that we like you? "Harry and Niall ask at the same time. "I do now" I laugh.

"I like this girl, very smart!" Louis laughs giving me a high five.  "Right?" I laugh. "I didn't see that coming" Zayn says. "How..How did you know" Harry asks stuttering. "Body language, eye contact, the hugs for being gone for a short time" I say crossing my arms.

"Ok Ok, well you figured it out. I know I know, we just met, and stuff, and you probably think I'm crazy but, yea, I kinda maybe sorta, have a crush on you" Niall says. "Your not crazy, Niall, but, you just literally met me, how? why? " 


"Because, your different, we meet and see plenty of girls, but none of them have your personality, your smile or your eyes the way they sparkle" Harry cuts in. "I'm going inside" I say running back to the house.


"Nice one!" Niall yells. "What? I was just telling her the truth and how I feel, its true all I said isn't it?" Harry yells back. "Yes, your right, Harry, but because of our feelings we scared her away" 

"Where's Louis?" Liam asks.


I ran inside walking upstairs acting like everything is ok. It is ok. Two guys from the same band like me, one of them live here. 

 I just take a big breathe and fall on my bed. "Psst! Kelsey!" A voice whispers.


"Louis?" "Yea, open the window" I walk over to the window seal and quietly lift up the window to let Louis in.


"Hey, are you ok?" Louis asks. "Sure, two guys liking me, from my favorite band have feelings for me and they just met me"

"Three members actually" Louis mumbles. "who?" "Crap you heard that?" "Yea" I laugh. "Darn" Who is the third member that likes me? "Your best friend" "Louis William Tomlinson! why didn't you tell me?" "I don't know, we haven't talked for a while, but then I saw you tonight and all those feelings came flooding back. "Lou, don't you have a girlfriend?" "I know I know, its just that I liked you before I met her" "She's your girlfriend and I'm not ruining that " I snap. "Don't hate me" "I could never hate you Louis, I am just confused, your best friends don't even know you known me for a while"


"I know. I wish I could shake it off but I can't" Louis says leaning in closer to my face. "Louis, don't, please." I beg. 

Before Louis leans in to kiss me I push away walking out of my room into the bathroom down the hall. 

I don't know what just happened, Louis was about to kiss me. That wouldn't be right, he has a girlfriend. 


"Kelsey? are you in there? are you ok" Niall asks knocking on the door. "Yea" I say opening the door tripping over a stool falling into Niall. I open my eyes and see Niall looking down at me. I just try to hold my breath trying to figure out how this happened how Niall ended up on top of me when I tripped over the stool and knocked into him. 

"Well, um, this is awkward" I grin. "Not so much to me, I kind of like it"  Before I could get anything more out Niall leans down crashing his lips upon mine. Its so fast, I didn't know what  to do. I defiantly feel something between us. Well, this is one way to start the weekend. He pulls back getting up along with helping me up. "Well, I didn't see that one coming" I say.


"In that case, will you be my girlfriend?" Niall asks.

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