Geass: The Power Of The Kings *Complete*

Rose is just an average Japanese girl. That is, untill she starts going to a private school with her brother, and runs into an old childhood friend. They start planing on how to obliterate the Holy Britiannian Empire. Just like old times. Only bad thing is, she has to hide her life from her brother, and that's hard for Rose to do.
*Yes, this is based off the anime "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion". If you have not watched the series, I suggests you do. It's a really good anime.*


9. Chapter 8

"I've been better, Rose. I've been better," C.C smiles. "Now come over here and give me a hug."

I rush over to her and we embrace. "It's good to see you."

"Wait, you two know each other? Then that means," Lelouch starts.

I pull away from C.C. and look over at Lelouch. "Yes, I do have Geass. I see the future at random times, but their almost always really important. I can also lift things with my mind if I concentrate hard enough. And you Lelou, what can you do with your Geass?"

"How did you know that?"

"I know a lot," I smile as I grab a towel. "More than you think, Zero." I walk out and head to Nunnally. I wipe her mouth and chin with the towel.

*Early The Next Morning*

"So, you know I'm Zero," Lelouch whispers. We're sitting on the floor with our backs against his bed. "And you want to know what my Geass does?"

"Correct," I nod.

"With direct eye contact, I can tell people to do whatever I please."

"Sounds like a big responsibility."

"A little."

"Now, I want to join your group."


"Come on Lelouch. I'm a big girl now. I know what I'll be getting myself into. And I know you want my help."

"You'd be easily recognized by your hair."

"Then think of a way to fix that problem."

"Another Zero outfit. This one as a dress."

"So I'll be masked like you. Wear a dress with the same colors as you."


"I'm not gonna be named Zero though."

"Then what will you be called?"

"Your opposite, so Infinity."

*That Afternoon*

"They're being so cruel to Suzaku," Nunnally says.

I take a sip of my tea. There's nothing to say to that. It's true. We've been here two days and people are so mean. Racist towards Suzaku and me. I'm glad classes were half day today.

"No, it's just," Lelouch looks down at his hands. "Things like this take time. People will come around," he sighs.

"Isn't there anything you can do? He is your friend."

Lelouch looks up and is about to say something when he looks over at something on the other side of the room. I follow his gaze; a cat. A cat with Zero's mask on his head. Lelouch lets out a very unmanly scream as the cat rushes out the door. "Hey, come back!" he rushes after it.

"Rose, what's going on?"

I push my chair away from the table and stand up, "Oh, just a cat Lelouch wants safe, I guess. I'm gonna go help him." Then I rush out of the house.

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