Geass: The Power Of The Kings *Complete*

Rose is just an average Japanese girl. That is, untill she starts going to a private school with her brother, and runs into an old childhood friend. They start planing on how to obliterate the Holy Britiannian Empire. Just like old times. Only bad thing is, she has to hide her life from her brother, and that's hard for Rose to do.
*Yes, this is based off the anime "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion". If you have not watched the series, I suggests you do. It's a really good anime.*


23. Chapter 22

*An Hour Later*

"So, now that you've captured the school and escaped Suzaku. What will you do next?" I ask Zero. He collapsed the Tokyo Settlement and took over Ashford Academy.

"Go after Cornelia. Ask her important questions," Zero answers.

"Then we should be going after her."

"Yes. We should." If only he know Cornelia will get him no closer to anything.

"Then let's go."

"We are," he starts up the Knightmare and we head for Cornelia.

It takes thirty minutes and a battle, but Zero gets to talk to Cornelia.

"It's pointless," I say.

"Let him go," C.C. says.

"And Nunnally. She's..."

"How did you?"

"Vision. We have to get to her."

"Wait for Lelouch."

"What about the war going on now?"

"We'll have to see what he wants to do."

We wait for Lelouch to come back, and when he does, it's not good. He found our nothing. Just like I knew.

"This is probably bad timing, but Nunnally is in trouble," I say.

"Don't joke," Lelouch says.

"How about you call someone and ask about her? You'll find out I'm not joking."

He does just that and finds out I'm right. "Where is she?"

"On the island you guys were at a few weeks ago," C.C. says.

"Then let's go," I say.

We run into a problem with Orange Boy, by quickly eliminate him. Then we head to the island.

*Twenty Minutes Later*

We've made it to the entrance of a cave where C.C. says Nunnally was just at. We get caught in a trap and see some of C.C.'s life. Well, lives. I make it out before them and see Orange Boy before them.

They come back and Orange Boy shoots us. "Stubborn ass!" Lelouch shouts.

Then C.C. starts fighting him. "You have to go find Nunnally."

"And you?" I ask.

"I'll be fine. You have to go. Rose, kiss him. It might be a while before you will again. It kisses hold memories."

I pull Lelouch to me and kiss him. Then C.C. sets us on land and we head into the cave. Masks now on.

We reach the end and I know neither of us knows what to do. Then a gun goes off and the bullet hits the wall right beside Zero's head.

"Turn and face me. Very slowly," comes a voice I know all too well: Suzaku.

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