Geass: The Power Of The Kings *Complete*

Rose is just an average Japanese girl. That is, untill she starts going to a private school with her brother, and runs into an old childhood friend. They start planing on how to obliterate the Holy Britiannian Empire. Just like old times. Only bad thing is, she has to hide her life from her brother, and that's hard for Rose to do.
*Yes, this is based off the anime "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion". If you have not watched the series, I suggests you do. It's a really good anime.*


15. Chapter 14

"Your highness, I heard you're Sub-Viceroy," I smile though no one can see it. "Princess Euphemia li Britannia."

"It's not an appointment I'm happy with," Euphemia states firmly.

"No, that's because Clovis was murdered," Lelouch says. "That was my handy work. He begged pathetically for his life. Right to the very end. He pleaded with the same tongue that ordered the deaths of 11's."

"So that' the reason why you killed my brother?" Euphemia thinks she has if figured out.


"Then why?"

"Because he was an offspring of the Britannia emperor. That reminds me, so are you. Aren't you?" he pulls out a gun.

Though, he doesn't kill her. It all happens rather quickly. The hotel starts to collapse, we rush out to boats, and then the hotel is in ruins. Everyone is safe. And because of the camera van we stole, we get to show what we did. Lelouch and I standing together; myself just a few steps to the right and behind him. The 'knights of justice' to the right and left of us.

"My dear Britannians, have no fear. I, Zero, return to you unharmed." Then lights turn on; shinning down on us. "People, fear us, of rally behind us. We, are the Black Knights. We of the Black Knights stand behind those without weapons to wield. Whether they're 11's or Britannians. The Japan Liberation Front cowardly took innocent Britannian civilians hostage. Then mercilessly executed them! It was a one time and meaningless act. And they have been punished. Just as former Viceroy Clovis was punished for the massacre of countless 11's. We couldn't just stand back and let such cruelty to be carried out. And so we made him pay for his actions. I will not repudiate fighting on a far and level battlefield. But neither will I tolerate a one-sided massacre of the weak by the strong! The only ones who should kill, are the ones who are prepared to be kill. Where ever oppressors abuse their power on those who are powerless, we shall appear again. No matter how mighty, how formidably are foes may be. Those of you with power," Lelouch holds or his left arm, moving his cape out of the way. "Fear us." He does the same thing with his right arm as he did with his left. "Those without it, rally behind us. We, the Black Knights, shall be the ones who stand in judgment of this world."

*A Few Nights Later*

"It's nice begin on the front lines. I love helping people," I fall into Lelouch's bed.

"You're a great help. But practice on your Geass," Lelouch climbs into bed. The voice he uses with me, I've noticed, he uses with no one else.

"I will, don't worry. I know I can get better."

He kisses my cheek, "That's my girl."

*A Week Later-Morning*

"I hate living a double life," Kallen yawns. We're headed to the student council room.

"Me too," I yawn as we stop at the student council door.

"Hold him down Suzaku!" Milly yells.

"Damn Suzaku! Cut it out!" Lelouch shouts.

Kallen opens the door and we walk in. It's a very interesting scene. Lelouch is tied up in a chair and Suzaku, Milly, Rivalz, and Shirley are making him look like a cat.

Milly looks at us and waves a paw, "Good meowning."

"Good morning," I say back.

"What is all this?" Kallen asks as everyone looks at us.

"What'd ya mean? Didn't we tell you? It's our welcome party for Arthur," Rivalz says.

"Sounds like fun," I smile.

"Well, classes are postponed. We might as well have some fun," Milly says.

"I set some stuff aside you two," Shirley says. "Over here," she points to the side where some cat costumes are. "To make up for me getting upset before. Take your pick."

"What? Really?" Kallen and I say.

"They don't need costumes," Lelouch raises his head to us. "They're already wearing masks, aren't you?"

"You really are a riot," Kallen says.

"He should be on TV," I nudge her.

"What do you think Miss TV star?" Rivalz asks Shirley.

"Would you quit joking about that," Shirley says. "The whole whit is a pain in the butt. We've been hounded with questions day and night. Even in the bath."

"We haven't been able to leave school grounds since then," Milly says.

"Not that I don't feel for you, but I don't see why we can't leave either," Rivalz says.

"That's the price of friendship. The romance of the three kingdoms. It doesn't matter that we were born apart, but upon this day we die as one."

"Is that you r idea of a love quote?"

"If I go down, then we all do," she waves her paw at him.

"That's a tad dark. Right Suzaku?"

I come up beside Suzaku and look up at my brother's face. He's tearing up, "I'm glad, that we could all be together again," he puts his face into his forearm.

Rivalz jumps over Lelouch and tackles him to the ground. I love these guys. I'm glad we saved their lives. The Black Knights are taking the world by storm since the day we saved all those people. It's a great feeling.

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