Geass: The Power Of The Kings *Complete*

Rose is just an average Japanese girl. That is, untill she starts going to a private school with her brother, and runs into an old childhood friend. They start planing on how to obliterate the Holy Britiannian Empire. Just like old times. Only bad thing is, she has to hide her life from her brother, and that's hard for Rose to do.
*Yes, this is based off the anime "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion". If you have not watched the series, I suggests you do. It's a really good anime.*


14. Chapter 13

*A Few Hours Later*

The terrorist group is unloading box upon box of stuff into the hideout. I'm sitting on Lelouch's lap while he watches a man-Shirley's dad-talk about the wrong doings of the hotel-jackers.

I rest my head on Lelouch's shoulder as he holds me just a little bit closer. Our friends are trapped in the hotel and we're just sitting here. He hasn't said much, and I don't know why. I've known him for a while, and the only reason he stays real quiet is when he's thinking. About what, I'm not sure.

"Zero, what'll happen to the hostages?" Kallen asks.

Lelouch mutes the video, "Eventually there'll be no reason to keep those Britannians alive."

"Yes. I'm sure you're right," her voice sounds so little.

"Hey Zero, I found there," says a man's voice.

Lelouch lets go of me and I stand up to see sideburns with a big box. I'll get to know their names soon.

"Should I hand them out? It looks pretty hip as gear goes, but we're just a resistance group. So-"

Lelouch quickly turns to him, "Wrong. We're not a resistance group, is that clear?"

"Then what are we?"

"What we are, what we're trying to be, are knights for justice," he thrusts out his hand and his fingers look like they're holding a ball.

"Knights for justice, aye?" I ask.

"Rose," Lelouch sounds on edge.

"I won't bash it, I promise. I just hope you don't call us that," I grin at him. He hates when I tease him. Better cut back and start being serious.

*That Night*

Lelouch and I stand on the top of a camera van. I have my mask on and want to grab hold of Lelouch, but I know I have to act calm.

Just minutes ago a hostage was killed by being pushed off a high ledge. Zero called Cornelia and now we're on our way into the hotel.

The van stops when Cornelia and her guards swerve in front of us. "So we meet again Zero," Cornelia says. "And your new partner, Infinity. Are you part of the Japan Liberation Front? Or do you intend to help us? Regardless, our priorities take over yours at the moment. And so, for the death of my half-brother Clovis, I shall have my revenge right here." she points a long barreled gun at Lelouch.

"Cornelia," Lelouch starts. "Who would you choose: Clovis who is dead, or Euphemia who is alive?"

Cornelia looks taken aback. Lelouch was right, Euphie is in there and Cornelia is letting her emotions get in the way of her using force.

"It is in my power to rescue Euphemia for you."

"What do you mean? I have no clue what you're talking about."

"I said that I'm able to rescue her."

After a few minutes of no talking, Cornelia moves out of the way and lets us pass. She doesn't want to, but it's her love for her sister, Euphemia, that makes her let us go.

Now we hope that the JLF takes us like allies.

The van continues forward where the gate to the hotel opens and we're let in. This is working out perfectly.

*Ten Minutes Later*

Lelouch and I stand in front of the JLF leader and some guards.

"You have no intention of joining me?" Lelouch asks.

"Remove that mask. Both of you. Reveal your faces to us. It's disrespectful not to," the leader says.

"I understand. But before we do, I'd like to ask you something. What do you hope to accomplish by this action?"

The leader tenses up out of anger, "I want to gain attention. I want this country and the world to know that the Japanese aren't dead just yet."

"How stale," I say.

"You people are obsolete. There's no saving you," Lelouch says.

"What? Why you-" some guard says.

"Explain what you mean, Zero," the leader commands.

Lelouch tries to explain, but all in a waste of effort.

"Zero, there's no point in talking," the leader takes out his samurai sword and leaps towards Lelouch. Though, in a waste of energy.

Lelouch opens up his left eye section and 'turns on' his Geass. Then he says on simple word, "Die."

It's weird though, I get a vision while Lelouch commands the others to die. I'm healing something. Does that mean I'm a healer now? If so, sweet.

Multiple gunshots fill me ears as I stand closer to Lelouch. Then the door is kicked in. "Colonel!" the door kicker shouts as some more guards rush in. Lelouch shoots him in the shoulder and he sinks to the floor.

"Calm yourselves," I say.

"Zero," Princess Euphemia says.

"The Colonel and the others committed suicide with the realized how meaningless this whole operation was," I cross my arms. "Euphemia, you were willing to sacrifice your life for commoners."

"You haven't changed."

After a few minutes, we get to Euphemia to ourselves. 

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