it started with a whisper...

****a normal day for diyana. except for others it wasn't. it was valentines day! and here she was spending it alone, like every year...until she runs in with a certain someone at a very odd place for romance. ***** written for the 1dcontest!!!


1. chapter 1

Diyana's pov

i woke up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and syrup. my mum had already made breakfast. i threw on a hoodie on top of my tank top and ran downstairs. 

"morning mum!' i exclaimed as i pecked her cheek.

"morning babe! how'd you sleep?" she said.

"fine..' i was already stuffing my mouth with the pancakes.

'haha, ok love, im going out with Tom today. behave yourself.'

i rolled my eyes. Tom was my mom's "boyfriend".

"whats the occasion?"

this time she rolled her eyes.

"valentines day,love!! how could you forget.!?"

"easy, im single."

'you never fail to make me smile hun." 

"glad to help, anyway, have fun!"

she went to her room to get dressed. i went back upstairs and plopped down on my bed. all my friends had boyfriends or at least a guy to spend valentines day with except for me. i thought about what i was going to do for the day when i got a text.

"hows ur v-day goin so far!!! xoxo!" great, now they're rubbing it in.

"same as any other day;)" i replied

"haha go to a bar, meet a guy! have fun!"

"k, bye lilly."


i dont know what was wrong with me but i decided to follow her advice and go to a bar. i decided to change my clothes. after all, i had to look nice if i wanted to meet anyone.      i put on a light pink collar top that fell right to my waist. i put on beige skinny jeans, and floral toms and glanced at the mirror. my brown hair was a mess so i decided to straighten it. i put a little bit of mascara on my lashes. i put on light pink lip gloss and looked again. i didnt usually dress up with colors like this but i guess everyone was today, so whats wrong with being a little "festive". i walked downstairs and ran into my mom. my mouth fell open. she was dressed in a beautiful red dress and black heels. her blonde hair was piled on her head and she looked stunning.

"wow," was all that could come out. 

she chuckled. "im not as pretty as you love, now i have to go ok bye,"

"bye mum." she slipped out the front door and hopped into toms car. i went to the garage. i got in my car and pulled out of the driveway.


after a couple of minutes, i reached the bar. i went inside and the bartender asked me for id. i had recently turned 18 so i was safe.

"what would you like?" she asked.

'nothing... for now."

"suit yourself," she muttered as she went to serve another customer. i sat at the farthest table.  almost no one was at the bar, yet alone where i was sitting. 

i felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to find a tall, blonde boy. it took me a few seconds to recognize who he was. Niall Horan, from One Direction. 

"i couldn't help but notice how beautiful you are, can i buy you a drink?"

i blushed. no one ever called me pretty besides my friends and my mum. 

"im not really thirsty yet love, but why don't you keep me company? i'm bored out of my mind." i groaned.

"hahahaha, same here." he said as he sat across from me.

'so what if a worldwide famous superstar doing in a bar on valentines day?" i asked.  he shrugged.

"no one to spend it with i guess.. what about you beautiful? where are all the guys who have fallen for you?"

"there are none..."  i said putting my head down.

'yeah there is one guy.' he said blushing.

"you... you're famous i'm not..i'm a simple girl. i'm not even popular at school.'

he chuckled and got up to sit next to me.

"the more to love about you my dear, he whispered in my ear. i felt shivers run 

up and down my body.

i put my back up against the wall to face him. he pulled my legs into his lap.

"whhy me?" i muttered.

" because i dont want to love a girl who has had sex with 30 other guys. i dont want i girl who would start bad rumors. i waanted a simple girl, and you my love, seem to fit the descriptions."

he held my hands and pulled me closer. i slid across the booth until my back was facing the table and i was on his lap. 

"so beautiful..." he said starring into my green eyes. i starred into his blue ones.

"so how do you like one direction?" he asked pulling me out of my train of thought.

"they have amazing music, but i was never one of those girls who obsessed over one celebrity or band. i like to vary my music."

he frowned. "so you dont like me?"

"i never said anything about you niall.."

"good...then kiss me." he said pulling my face closer to his. i slowly bent down farther until our lips were brushing but not kissing. i broke the soft kisses by crashing my lips onto his. i was immediately pulled into another world. our lips moved as if they'd been kissing for forever. i slowly parted my lips and granted his tongue permisson to enter. he slipped his tongue in and explored my mouth. after a couple of minutes, we pulled away. i sat in my original position, with my back to the wall. he scooted closer. 

"look, i just kissed you and i dont even know your name, i feel so stupid."


'Diyana, like Princess Diana. i love it." he grinned and i smiled back.

"thank you."

"listen.. can i take you out for dinner later today love? i'd love to get to know you more, princess."

"yeah i'd like that."

we exchanged numbers and said our goodbyes. i was about to leave the bar, but then a hand grabbed my wrist and pulled me back. i was immediately pressed against niall's chest.

'i didnt get my goodbye kiss." he pressed his lips to my cheek and let me go.

it was officially the best valentines day yet, and there was still left to come. i smiled at the thought of that and walked out.



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