Him and I

Niall is still looking for his love. He has someone in mind but he isn’t sure if she likes him back. Me, on the other hand, likes him and isn’t sure if he likes me back. Will we ever find out?


5. The beach

We arrive at the beach. "Wait, don't get out." He smiles. He gets out and comes to my side of the car. He opens my door and I start to get out. He stops me picks me up and carries me towards Arianna and the boys. They all look over at us quite suprised. "Guess what!?" I say. "Niall asked me out!" I look around at everyone’s expressions. "That's awesome!" Arianna was the first to speak. Arianna whispers something to Harry. Niall puts me down and I walk over to Arianna, we both scream. Harry whispers the same thing to Niall. "Where should I do it though?" Niall asks Harry. Harry looks over to a area with chairs and says "When the sun sets." Niall nods. He looks over at me and smiles
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