Him and I

Niall is still looking for his love. He has someone in mind but he isn’t sure if she likes him back. Me, on the other hand, likes him and isn’t sure if he likes me back. Will we ever find out?


1. Niall

Niall is 19 and is still waiting for his love. He likes someone he’s known since he was 9. She may only be 17 but, she sure is beautiful! Niall isn't sure if she likes him back though. See that’s the problem with love, you never can really tell if they like you back. He sees her almost every day, or at least tries to. He is on the move a lot because one direction has many tours. She sometimes goes with them or sells tickets to fans. Niall has few, yet many, fans. He is waiting for clues that she likes him, though does she?
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