Him and I

Niall is still looking for his love. He has someone in mind but he isn’t sure if she likes him back. Me, on the other hand, likes him and isn’t sure if he likes me back. Will we ever find out?


4. Niall and I

I would rather stay home and watch movies than go out to some fancy restaurant. Niall gets the boys and Arianna to go to the beach for a few hours. While they are gone Niall and I watch Grease. When the movie is over I stand up and stretch. Niall goes and puts the popcorn away, comes back, and does something I would never imagine. He grabs my hand, runs upstairs, picks me up, puts me on his bed, and asks me the simple question I've been waiting 2 years for. "Will you go out with me?" Niall asks. I blush and scream "Oh my gosh, of course!" He picks me up, kisses me, and gives me a piggyback ride back downstairs. "We are going to the beach." He says. I run upstairs get on my bikini and over it a tank top and shorts. I grab my bag and run back downstairs where Niall is waiting for me. We get in his baby blue convertible and drive to the beach.
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