Him and I

Niall is still looking for his love. He has someone in mind but he isn’t sure if she likes him back. Me, on the other hand, likes him and isn’t sure if he likes me back. Will we ever find out?


3. Arianna and Harry

Arianna, my best girl friend, is dating Harry. They have been dating for 3 years and watching them just touches your heart. Arianna and Harry think Niall and I would make a cute couple. Arianna knows I like Niall and Harry knows Niall likes me, but Arianna doesn't know Niall likes me and Harry doesn't know I like Niall. This is complicated, but finding the one is worth it. Arianna always tells me to shut up 'cause "I talk about Niall too much." I can't help it I'm in love. She talks about Harry all the time too. Well were girls, so we talk about boys.
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