How It All Began

I based this story of the Wizardof Oz. My class and I had to do a project about: the scarecrow, tinman or the lion. We had to do a back story on one of those people. I did the scarecrow and how he thinks that he doesnt have a brain. If you haven't watched the Wizard of Oz first, well go do that then read my story. Hope you enjoy! :) *Finished*


3. School

                              At School

     “Bye dad,” the smile on the scarecrow could break your heart.

          “Bye s-son,” he didn’t know what to say. So, he drived away.

In the School Place

          “Hello and what is your name?” asked a lady named Rose.

          “My name is scarecrow,” he did that smile again.

“Oh, we haven’t had a scarecrow in a while. Let me go check you in,” she flashed a welcoming smile back. She left him, standing at the door way.

          “I guess I will just wait here,” he muttered to himself.

One Minute later

“Ok here is your stuff. I have got you a room with hay. Also,” she looked down and handed him is stuff.

          “Also what?” he asked with ‘that smile’.

          “Also, um, I will show you around. And by the way my name is Rose,” she started for the doors. “You comin?” now she had ‘that smile’.

           He jogged up next to her.

          “There are the bathrooms. Over there is the school. If you need any help finding your classes, there are plenty of helpers. That over there is your cabin. That’s where you sleep, and hang out. So we will go to your cabin first, ok?” she asked him.

          “Yes ma’am,” he answered in a firm voice.

          Rose led him over to the cabin. “Ok this is your place. I have to go help others. But meet me by the school in 15 minutes!” she jogged away.

          Scarecrow went inside and found a bed for himself. There was no one inside. He had this place all for himself. He went back outside and headed for the school.


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