How It All Began

I based this story of the Wizardof Oz. My class and I had to do a project about: the scarecrow, tinman or the lion. We had to do a back story on one of those people. I did the scarecrow and how he thinks that he doesnt have a brain. If you haven't watched the Wizard of Oz first, well go do that then read my story. Hope you enjoy! :) *Finished*


5. No Brain :(

The scarecrow ran out of the room crying. He took the paper and ripped it in to two! He ran all the way back to the farmer.

          “Father!” he shouted, but it sounded more like farter then farther.

          “Son,” he came rushing out, he might now have feelings after all.

          “I failed, I failed,” he started to stop crying.

          “Oh, son be yourself, you are smart in a way.”

          “No!” the scarecrow shouted. He ran back to the crop.

          “Hello, little scarecrow! Are you ok?” Glenda said in her ‘loving voice’.

          “I-I failed! I-I’m stupid!” the scarecrow fell on his butt.

          “Oh sweet heart, just be yourself. You are smart in a way.”

          “No!” he ran away to the dark side.

          “Why are you over here little one?” said the wicked (but still nice right now) witch of the east.

          “Look,” he handed her the ripped up paper.

          “Ohhh. Just be yourself and you are smart in a way.”

          But he didn’t believe any of them. The scarecrow was being very defiance. They can’t persuade me, he thought. The scarecrow ran to the fence and got a stick. I will hang here, he thought to himself. This is the only thing I am good at. (But he was actually worse at being a real scarecrow, then anything else.)

          “I don’t have a brain, I don’t have a brain!” boom! He was stuck there and couldn’t get down! Better yet he was dumb. (Or was he?)

Couple Years Later

          What does the scarecrow see? A little girl! (Named Dorothy.) 


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