How It All Began

I based this story of the Wizardof Oz. My class and I had to do a project about: the scarecrow, tinman or the lion. We had to do a back story on one of those people. I did the scarecrow and how he thinks that he doesnt have a brain. If you haven't watched the Wizard of Oz first, well go do that then read my story. Hope you enjoy! :) *Finished*


2. Meeting the Scarecrow

                      One hour later              

          It was a dark, stormy, night. No sprinkle, sprinkle. Yes, boom, boom! At these times the Princess was glad she had her bubble. It was like a force field.

          Stitch, stuff, stitch, stuff, stitch, stuff. He had already started before Glenda had arrived.

          “Why have you started Uncle?” she was just floating in. “I-I’m.”

          He stopped her before she had a chance. “I have started so you could give him magic before you leave.”

          “Well done,” she whispered.

          He didn’t hear her. “Do your thing.”

          “Ok!” Poof!! They all jumped. This was very pivotal.

          “Wello,” the scarecrow said. He was just a subatomic thing. He was.

          “Yes, yes! Now raise him! Do whatever you can. Oh and they grow up pretty fast. So use your game face,” Glenda smiled and got out of there. She left on her pink, small, cut bubble.

          The farmer had exactly one year. He had to teach him. (Or he could send him to the must extravagance school.)

                       One month later

      “Come back here!” the farmer screamed to the little (almost five) scarecrow. Scarecrows’ grow up really fast.

          “He’s got me, he’s got me!” the scarecrow is just a little scared for school. The farmer knew he had to take him to school very deftly.


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