How It All Began

I based this story of the Wizardof Oz. My class and I had to do a project about: the scarecrow, tinman or the lion. We had to do a back story on one of those people. I did the scarecrow and how he thinks that he doesnt have a brain. If you haven't watched the Wizard of Oz first, well go do that then read my story. Hope you enjoy! :) *Finished*


1. Meeting the Farmer

 Stitch, stuff, stitch, stuff. It was a dark, stormy, night. Just a few miles behind the crop. Stitch, stuff, stitch, stuff. The farmer, he was stitching and stuffing. Stitch, stuff, stitch, stuff.


          It was the year of 1530, in the magical Land of Oz. The farm is just up ahead. Glenda wants to talk to the farmer, Mr. Oz. She led herself where the farmer was sitting.

          “Sir,” the little girl said (soon to be the royal Queen). She was ambling towards him.




          “Yes ma’am you wanted to talk to me?”



          “Yes,” she said in a beautiful tone.

          “What is it?” you could hear the grip in the old farmer’s voice.

          “We need a scarecrow!” she was beaming with delight.

          “We do?” the farmer was challenging her.

          “Yes, yes we do,” she wasn’t holding a grudge, he was.

          “Yes my Princess. I will get on that project tonight,” he responded in his ‘old man’ voice.

          “Thank you, I will be bringing the supplies in 1 hour. I can’t attend to the making, I am so sorry,” she told him in a sad voice.

          “That’s ok,” he was looking down now.

          Finally the Princess left and the man finally got something down! He was flushed and tired. The farmer knew she was coaxing him. No one else would do the job. But oh well. What could he do now?


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