How It All Began

I based this story of the Wizardof Oz. My class and I had to do a project about: the scarecrow, tinman or the lion. We had to do a back story on one of those people. I did the scarecrow and how he thinks that he doesnt have a brain. If you haven't watched the Wizard of Oz first, well go do that then read my story. Hope you enjoy! :) *Finished*


4. Grades

Two and a Half Weeks Later

          “Ok class, I am going to hand back your grades. Scarecrow Farmer! Please come up here.”

          “Yes ma’am,” he exclaimed right after the teacher was down talking.

          “Yes ma’am,” one of the kids mimicked him.

          “Here you go, Mr. Farmer,” she told him without a loving smile.


Social Studies – F



Science – F

Math – F

Language Arts – F

Nice – A++

           He only smiled when he saw the last part.

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