Lilias is 13. She is more independent than a 30 year old. Paul takes Lilias under his wing when she has no one else to turn to. When Lilias meets Niall her teenage heart throb she believes it's love at first sight, but understands she is too young for him.


5. Chapter 5: Fight

I must have fallen asleep because I woke up to Zayn yelling, but I didn't know who he was yelling at until I heard this-

"Niall, shut the fuck up! We only met her yesterdat night!" Um...were they fighting about me, or over me? My eyes shot open when I felt someones arm around me. It was Louis trying to comfort me. Harry came over and told me to close my ears. I shook my head and kept on listening. I couldn't hear much. Just muffled yells. Liam came running out of his rooms only in his boxers and slammed through the door. 

"What the hell guys?" Liam declaimed. Niall shot a quick glance at me on the couch in the living room then back at Liam in their doorway.

"Sorry, did we wake you all?" Niall looked very sincere, about this. Liam nodded his head profusely. 

"What are you guys fighting about?" They looked at each other then at Liam again. Zayn looked down at the ground, ashamed?

"Well?" Liam was getting impatient.

"We, uh..." Niall tried getting the words out, but Zayn saved him.

"I got drunk last night and had sex with a chick I didn't know." I knew that wasn't true. Zayn got home before I fell asleep and he wasn't drunk. He looked at me and told me with his eyes not to tell the truth. Zayn walked past Liam and went back to his room where he was when I fell asleep, but wasn't when I woke up. Niall walked over to me, hugged me then grabbed his keys and hoodie and left. Harry grabbed his shoes and ran after Niall. Liam looked at me and and mouthed the words 'I'm sorry' and went back to his room. Louis just sat there and tweeted 'Miss you already.' I didn't know who he was talking about, but I didn't really worry. I laid back down.

"Louis?" I looked up at him. Standing over me. He looked up from his phone and gave me a worried look.

"Yes love?"

"What happened this morning that I missed?" He gulped and just looked back down at his phone. Shut it off and put it on the bar.

"Do you really want to know?" I nodded my head and started listening to his story.

"You fell asleep around 9 last night. Zayn got back around 8:30. Around 10, Zayn and Niall went out to the pub. Zayn got really drunk, as did Niall. They were about to come home when they saw Harry and Liam's ex's Cara and Danielle. They all hooked up and got caught by paparazzi." He looked back at me seeing if I could handle more. I nodded my head and he continued.

"When they saw the flashes they chased the pap and started cussing at them. Paul was going to check on them when he heard the yelling. He grabbed Niall and Zayn and brought them back to the hotel. Zayn and Niall started fighting in the hallway. Niall yelled at Zayn saying it was all his fault they got followed and now you would see. Zayn defended himself and threw a punch at Niall, but missed and his the wall. Niall tackled him and Paul teared Niall off. When they calmed down and went to bed they woke up to the pictures and videos were everywhere. Zayn woke Niall up and started flipping shit on him. Niall brought you into the fight once again saying he felt like he betrayed you. Then you woke up and heard Zayn yell back. Zayn took the fall telling us that he slept with someone, so you wouldn't think of Niall as a bad person. Because-" I was in tears at this point. I only knew these boys for a day and this happens. I trusted them. And to think Niall was, well is my heartthrob. Zayn trying to cover because-

"Niall likes you."

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