Lilias is 13. She is more independent than a 30 year old. Paul takes Lilias under his wing when she has no one else to turn to. When Lilias meets Niall her teenage heart throb she believes it's love at first sight, but understands she is too young for him.


4. Chapter 4: Sweat Pants<3

Age. Just numbers? Does Niall have a crush on me? A girl named Lilias Madison Siban? The girl who's mother cringes at that name that will fall out of any ones mouth, Siban. I had always asked my mother what my last name meant, but she would never tell me. I have always thought she answered around the question because she didn't want to think of my father again. Even though I was a reminder of him every day. I was a girl version of my father, plain as day. Siban the name I inherited from my father which will never be called father again he will be called by his name, Alroy. Because Paul treats me more like a daughter than Alroy ever did, and he's only known me for 3 hours.

"Lilias, are you okay?" Zayn asked me with worry in his eyes. He seemed like he would treat me like his little sister. But there was something about Zayn. Something missing? He terrified me a bit, with his big frame and his dark eyes, but there was something about him that made me believe he wouldn't hurt unless he needed to.

"Uh y-yeah. I'm fine, just thinking about things." I started thinking about how I started tonight on a park bench and ended up here with my favorite band. I trusted Paul, but why? Maybe because he was the first man in my life to act like he actually cares,but maybe no. Why did I trust Paul? He has this weird fatherly like vibe about him. I popped out of my thoughts for a second and realized I was in a car heading back to the hotel room. Wait. Where am I going to be sleeping? I do not feel comfortable sleeping with 5 older boys in the same hotel room. No offense their my idols,but media is media. Right?

"Hey, Lilias you coming?" Niall had my door open and threw out his hand for me to take to guide me to the hotel. I hadn't fully taken in the hotel room when I was first in it, but now it's different. The room has clothes everywhere, the t.v was still on, the lights were left on in the bathroom, it smells like after shave, and empty soda cans were left everywhere to lay down. Wow...I under estimated these boys and what a mess they can make. Louis was banging on the bathroom door yelling at Harry to get out so he can pee. Harry turns on the shower and Louis barges in putting up the seat and starts peeing then realizes there is a girl in the hotel room and quickly closes the door flustered. Then a few seconds later comes out satisfied. I turn and giggle loudly. Niall looks at me in appreciation and I soon notice Zayn isn't in the room.

"Hey, Niall?" I ask innocently. He looks at me quickly like he is so interested in seeing what I have to say.

"Where's Zayn?" His eyes droop a little and answers my question soon after.

"He went to the store after dropping us off to get more cokes. Why?" It's like he kind of mad that I'm asking about Zayn.

"Just wondering." I take a little sit on the couch then quickly stand when I feel a wet substance hit my pants. Shit I say way to loudly. Paul looks at me surprised I cussed. I shrugged it off.

"Uh...Paul? Can I have a pair of pants or something?" He nods his head and starts walking to one of the boys room, Niall comes rushing in with a pair of his sweatpants. I thank him and go to change. Once in one of the rooms to change because Harry is taking a shower and Louis is in one of the other rooms probably changing. Once in the room and the door is shut and locked I fan girl to death. Niall fucking Horan just offered me his sweatpants. He is the sweetest in the band I must admit. A beautiful blond Irish boy falling for a Brunet blue eyed freckled freak?

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