Lilias is 13. She is more independent than a 30 year old. Paul takes Lilias under his wing when she has no one else to turn to. When Lilias meets Niall her teenage heart throb she believes it's love at first sight, but understands she is too young for him.


3. Chapter 3: Just Numbers

"Uh...Paul?" I hesitantly looked up at him tracing from him to the 5 guys standing in front of me looking magnificent. But that one guy, the one I have had a crush on for a full year was only standing 3 feet away from me. The one with blonde hair, blue eyes, Niall fucking Horan.

"Yes, Lilias?" Paul looked down at me smiling, like he knew that I was in awe of what was in front of me. Like he was reading me like a book. I looked quickly at Niall then back at Paul then back at Niall again. Wow! He is a real life human being. Not a photo on my wall at home in my room. He smiled a cheeky smile filled with amazingly perfect teeth. His eyes sparkled like the ocean in the morning around 7 o'clock when the sun is just rising.

"You are a security guard for the One Direction?" I looked around at all the boys laughing and going back to what they were doing before Paul walked in with a random girl from of the park bench. Except for Niall. He completely left the kitchen a mess; sink filled with dishes, counter covered in crumbs, and the fridge door slinging wide open.

"Haha! Yes ma'am I am!" He laughs a hearty laugh. Harry pats the spot next to him on the couch inviting me to sit next to him. I gleefully accept his invite and do so. Niall looks a little naucious. I wonder what for. I felt his eyes on me for what seemed like minutes on. Why would he be staring at me? I thought he had his eyes on Demi Lovato. Maybe my imagination is just too strong that I'm imagining him actually taking interest in a girl more than 4 years younger than him. Louis attacked Harry from behind yelling 'Harry! Harry! Give me your gravy!' Gosh! he is such a weirdo, but you've got to love him.

"So...Who wants pizza?" Niall yells at the top of his lungs, as if we don't get pizza the world may end. I giggle at his excitement. His cheeks turned bright pink in embarrassment. Every move he made looked so great. He was him and him was great. All the boys jumped up ready to eat pizza.

"What pizza parlor shall we go to fine lady?" Zayn bowed down addressing me formally. In the corner of my vision I saw Niall look a little mad. Was he jealous? I wish he was jealous over me.


The pizza finally was being brought out to us. I hadn't ate in 3 days. The last time I ate was when I stole from the market. It was just an apple. It wasn't exactly ripe, but it helped my stomach stop rumbling like a gorilla, at least for a little bit.

"Hey! You have to pay for that!" I looked to the back of me of a man in jeans and a black shirt on chasing me through the market. I threw myself through the doors and ran down an alley way. I had lost him, good. I devoured the one thing I could run with. An apple.

"Lilias? Is that your name?" I was yanked out of my thoughts and noticed a sweet lad was talking to me.

"Yes. And yours, Liam." More of a statement than a question. I had realized that my plate was empty filled with left over crumbs. Did I already eat? Wow...I must had been deep in thought.

"Niall! Give Lilias' pizza back!" Paul laughed at Niall.

"Ah ha! So that's where my pizza went." All the boys looked at me in shock that I hadn't noticed he had stolen my pizza. I just shrugged and started eating. Slowly. Well slowly soon turned into quickly. Niall looked at me in amusement. I blushed and looked away and slowed down.

"Ni! She's just a mini version of you, but a female." Louis retorted.

"Lilias? How old are you?" Niall asked me. I stopped right then and there and looked up at him. I knew for sure I couldn't have a chance with him if I told him the truth, but I couldn't base my life on a lie. So I told him the truth, maybe just maybe. My bones felt a piece of hope in them.

"I'm 13." My emotions started going wild. Waiting for his reply. What would he- I was cut off by Niall's reply.

"Well, age are just numbers."

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