Lilias is 13. She is more independent than a 30 year old. Paul takes Lilias under his wing when she has no one else to turn to. When Lilias meets Niall her teenage heart throb she believes it's love at first sight, but understands she is too young for him.


2. Chapter 2: Home?

We sat silently on the park bench, waiting for something, anything to happen. Waiting for one another to talk. It wasn't awkward, but sweet. I didn't know this Paul, but he seemed sweet, caring, fatherly. My father was never a father, he was a coward. He walked out on my mom when she told him that she was pregnant. I have never seen a photo of my father, but I expected for him to have no emotion. He just would be blank, filled with nothing but himself. My mom never talked about him. The only time she would talk about him was on my birthday and she would just say "Oh your father would be so proud of you." I never understood by her meaning of proud, but she said she was proud of me almost every day.


"Mommicans! I'm home!" I yelled as I stepped into the two story house filled with wood. I have never understood why we had a two story house, it was only me and her. Except for when my cousin Keeva came over every weekend just to watch movies with me and eat popcorn. She was such a doll.

"Hello, my little chestnut!" That was her weird nickname for me. I don't know why, but I loved when she called me that.

"And how are you today, my little Lilias?"

"I'm fine, thankyou darling!"

"Did you know that i'm proud of you?"

"Why so?"

"Because you are my beautiful daughter, who just seems to impress me every day she can!"

"Why thankyou kind ma'am."


Oh how I miss our little reanactments of historic english.

"Do you need a roof to live under while you are visiting?" Paul pulled me out of my thoughts. He looked like he had seen a ghost, but then I remebered he has no jacket. I handed him his jacket feeling guilty. He pushed it away and told me that he was fine.

"Erm...I'm okay, but thankyou." I really wanted a roof to live under, but I didn't trust Paul or what he would do to me. He then pulled out his wallet and showed me photos of him and his wife.

"She's so beautiful." Claudia reminded me of my own mother. Beautiful and motherly.

"Thankyou." He smiled at the thought of her. I could tell he really loved her. Then I replied to his question.

"Paul, I don't want to be a bother, but I wouldn't mind having a place to stay." He stood up happily and threw out his hand. I kindly took it. He showed me the way to his car.

A silent car trip later we arrived at a hotel. I wondered why we were at a hotel. Was he going to buy a hotel room for me? He couldn't that is not right, nor fair.


"This is where we live right now."


"Me and the band." The band? Who's the band? Then it clicked. He was a security guard.

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