Lilias is 13. She is more independent than a 30 year old. Paul takes Lilias under his wing when she has no one else to turn to. When Lilias meets Niall her teenage heart throb she believes it's love at first sight, but understands she is too young for him.


1. Chapter 1: Lost

"Hey, ma'am are you alright?"

I swiftly turned around. The dim light from the street light hovering over the park bench made it hard to see who was speaking to me. Once my eyes focused a little it seemed that a large man, he seemed around 6'4. He was a little chubby with what seemed to me brownish hair. He looked like a security guard for the park, but he didn't have the uniform so I un-stiffened a little. He stared at me intensely for what felt like an hour, but from my knowledge I knew it had only been a minute. I thought he was trying to tell me with his body language to get up and leave, but realized he was scanning my face to make out if I was okay or lost. The full truth was, I knew exactly where I was. I was at the Phoenix Park in Dublin, Ireland. I lived in Dublin 7 years ago, but I had revisited to visit my aunt Maire's grave. I wasn't really close to my aunt Maire, but she still had a spot in my heart. "Do you know where you are? Are you lost?" I jumped a little being brought back to reality. My body was freezing cold, besides the fact that it was 36° outside and I was in ripped jeans and long sleeved shirt, but no jacket. I looked down at my black converse being shy. I was about to reply with a yes, but my voice had a mind of its own. "No, i'm perfectly fine." The man approached the bench. I never noticed he had came around to the front to face me. His emotion softened a little. "Do you have a home?" I thought about it and the realization came to me that I haven't had a real home for a month now. My mom had been a nurse. She went to work on October 7th and never returned. When she was checking in on a patient in room 117 she had been shot by a break in. The shooter was a boy named Travis. He had been a reportedly missing child that had gone crazy. "No, I don't." He scooted to sit next to me. He took off his coat and gave it to me. I kindly took it and sat there looking at two rabbits chasing each other in the field laid out in front of us. I flashed back to a simpler time when me and my brother would chase each other around in the back yard with water guns spraying one another. He was my bigger brother; my only brother. He would hold me when it was raining outside and we'd watch any movie I'd pick out. I usually chose The Lion King. It was my favorite movie. It had some connection with me that I have never been able to figure out, but it was there. "What's you're name sweet heart?" He started twittling his thumbs and looked at the ground hunched over. "I'm Lilias." He slowly lifted his head and looked at me with worry in his eyes. I felt cared for, just for a millisecond. The only times I had ever felt like this was when my brother James would be an older brother, which was often. Oh how I missed James. "My names is Paul. Paul Higgins." He kept his eyes on the ground. Afraid that I would run away if he looked me in the eyes. "How old are you?" I felt 30, looked 16. I thought like a 30 year old, but I wasn't 30. I was 13. Only 13. I had seen, heard, tasted, thought too much. I am a child, not an adult. "I'm 13."

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