Your the missing piece

Nancy is one of those shy girl that hate meting different people. She just moved to London and is afraid of going to a new school and making new friends or should I say making no friends. Enjoy!


2. Moving

Mom: "Honey hurry up we need to leave in one hour before we miss our plane"

me: " Mom why do we have to leave, I don't want to leave this place and plus no one will like me there.

Mom: Honey stop saying that I know you don't want to move but we have to and trust me everyone is going to like you,know hurry we're about to leave.

Me: " Yea sure they will

                                                                               **** AT the Air Port****                                                                                 My P.O.V

"We were finally in the plane going to London. I never wanted to move just because my mom got in internship we had to fly all the way to London, isn't that just great.

Captain: Hello and welcome this plane will be taking us to London please have seat belts on at all time and enjoy the ride, thank you"

My P.O.V

I wasn't all that exited on going and moving my eyes were falling heavy and deep with all the packing we did so I decided to take a seat and enjoy the ride while it last's.                                                                                              

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