Your the missing piece

Nancy is one of those shy girl that hate meting different people. She just moved to London and is afraid of going to a new school and making new friends or should I say making no friends. Enjoy!


4. I seen them before?

"I was walking with my mom and I was about to grad my suitcase as fats as i can before I have to wait another spin. Me and my mom grabbed our suitcase and were walking out until this guy with curly brown hair came to me and said " excuse me I think you  dropped you're head phones" I turned around and met direct eye contact and said Oh um thanks". He left and said Bye". I walked away to catch up to my mom I couldn't believe that I just meet this guy from a band. I didn't say anything to my mom.


We finally arrived to our apartment and unpacked. My mom fell asleep because she was tired. But I was still shocked about what happen earlier, I told my self to stop it i don't like him. But I think i'm in love! but no I can't it's not possible why would someone like me?. I wasn't tired because I already had an 2 hour sleep on the plane. so I layed on my plain bed just looking at my blank ceiling.


Next morning 

I woke up to the smell of pancakes and cookies. I got up tired since I wasn't use to my new bed. I went in the kitchen and sat at the table and my mom said " Hey, didn't sleep well? I said "Hi and yea" my mom smiled and out a plate of pancakes and cookies.I barley ate since I wasn't really hungry. I looked at my clock and it read "12:30". I went to the my room and took out the supplies to hang up at my wall. I wasn't really in the mood for doing anything, I decided to out on some music and maybe that would help. the only music on the radio was "One direction" I was starting  to like  there songs and started dancing all around I was really enjoy this. By the time I was done it was already "9:30' and I was like "dang that's late I better go to sleep for school."


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