Your the missing piece

Nancy is one of those shy girl that hate meting different people. She just moved to London and is afraid of going to a new school and making new friends or should I say making no friends. Enjoy!


3. 2 hour delay

My P.O.V

"I woke up to the sound of my Mom calling my name, telling me to wake up. I opened one eye and she looked at me and said something but I couldn't hear since I was half asleep and half awake. I saw her leave and I closed my eye. A few minutes after I heard someone come sit next to me I didn't pay much attention since I was busy relaxing  all of a sudden cold ice water came flashing through my face and I got up and yelled 'OMG I'm up gosh" My mom smiled and then handed me a towel to dry my face. She said that we are going to arrive late because of the bad weather. I opened my window and it was complete darkness so I hurried at closed it before I disturbed other's. I was mad because I really wanted to get off this plane and go home already." 


Flight attendance: "Hello I brought some chicken noddle soup and some kool-aid please enjoy"

Me: Thank you so much have a nice day.

I was watching t.v and I saw 5 British boys  in a band called "One Direction". My mom taught the one with black hair and a quiff was cute. I laughed and said "there just boys, why id everyone crazy about them. 

captain: " We are about to arrive in 5 minutes please stay seated at all time the ride may be bumpy.

I was ready for the landing and all of a sudden my ears started to hurt like crazy I couldn't hear anything I was litterly dieing. But we finally arrived My mom got the bags and we headed out. I guess were ready for this adventure.

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