Just like the others

Hi, I'm Maddie Stone. I am 18 years old. I have long brown hair and I have blue eyes. I live by myself in New York City. My parents had died when I was young and I don't have contact with any relitives. I was walking in the street and saw a sign that said 'New Artist Audtitions'. I decided that sense I sing for money on the street and people are always telling me that one day I'd be as famous as like Cher Lloyd, that I would give it a shot.


5. Chapter 5

Maddie's POV

As I walked closer to the cabin, I knew something was wrong with it. I had to suck it up for now. I walked to the door. I looked up and down and took a deep breath. I knocked on the door. I heard absolute silence. "Find him?" I heard Nathan ask scaring the crap out of me. "Nathan don't do that." I whispered. I went to a window and looked in. It was to dark so I took out my phone and shined it in there. I saw a little kitchen and a living room. It was like a little house. Man, that was stupid, I mean it is a house. I looked down and saw a knife. I looked over and saw Tom lying on the ground. I went to the door and tried to open it. It was locked. "God-" I was cut off by Nathan screaming. I turned around and we saw something black moving. "Open the door." Siva yelled. "It won't budge." I yelled back. They came over and we all pushed on the door causing in to break down. "Get Tom, we have to go, now!" I yelled running to him. We picked him up and headed out. I was going backwords so I could see if that thing was still there. It wasn't, but something else was. "Go faster!" I yelled running faster. It came closer and closer. We finally reached the road. The thing didn't come out of the woods. I felt like I was going to puke. "Guys, I really don't feel good." I said getting ready to puke. Siva pulled me to the garbadge can. He opened it and I puked. I was breathing heavely now. "Are you okay?" Nathan asked as the ambulance pulled up. I couldn't talk so I just shook my head no. We got in the ambulance. "I still can't believe this is my fault." Siva said looking at Tom. "I's okay buddy." Max said. "It's not like you meant for this to purposly happpen." Jay said. Siva looked at the ground. "Why is Maddie being so silent?" I heard Nathan whisper to Max. I put my head down and let a tear out. "I think she heard you." Jay said out loud. "Well she's not being talkative and that's not normal." Nathan said. I put my head up when I heard a faint whistle. "Did you guys hear that?" I asked making them all look at me. "Hear what?" Siva asked. "I thought I heard a whistle." I said. Our conversation was interoupted by us pulling into the hospital. We got out while Tom was being rushed into the hospital. I heard the whiatle again and I looked around. "What's wrong?" Jay asked putting his hand on my shoulder. "I heard the whiatle again." I said turning around to walk in the door. We walked in and saw the boys in the waiting room. "We need help in room 124!" A doctor yelled. More doctors were sent to the room. "What's Tom's room number?" I asked. They all shrugged. "Useless." I laughed walking to the desk. "What room is Thomas Parker in?" I asked making the lady look up. "Room 124, but there are doctors in there." She said putting her head down. I walked over to Jay and took him by the hand. "What's wrong?" He asked as I pulled him outside. "Tom's room is the one the doctors rushed into." I said letting my tears fall. Jay's face went expresionless. He rushed in taking me with him. He took me all the way to Tom's room. He put his ear to the door and told me to be silent. He put my ear to the door without making a noise. "Hurry!" I heard the doctor yell from inside. There was nothing except for silence after that. We heard footsteps going to the door so Jay took my hand and pulled me to the waiting room. A few minutes later, the doctor came out. The boys and I got up and headed towards them. "What's he news?" Nathan asked. "Well, we have some good and bad news." The doctor said. "Good news?" Max asked. "Turns out, my wife isn't cheating on me." He said. "What?" Jay asked. "Bad news?" Siva asked before the doctor spoke. "Your friend has passed awy." M heart dropped before he could finish the sentance. "You can go to his room." The doctor said walking away. I was the first to start running to his room. When I got there, I waited for the boys to catch up, but I never saw them. After about a minute of waiting, I walked in. I saw his lifeless body lying there. I cried at the thought of him being gone. I sat on my knees next to his bed. I looked down and started crying. "It'll be okay." I heard a faint voice say. I looked up and I heard the whistle again. I stood up and looked around. I looked back at Tom. He was smiling. "Tom?" I asked. His eyes opened and I screamed. Not because anything was wrong with him, just you know, becasue he's alive. "Were you the one whistling?" I asked. "Yep!" He yelled getting Jay to run in. "Tom!" Jay yelled making Nathan, Siva and Max come in. "Tom!" They all yelled. I heard the whistle again, but Tom was talking. "Tom?" I asked slowly. "Yes?" He replied slowly mocking me. "Didn't you say you were the one whistling?" I asked. "Yeah why?" "Because I just heard it again." I said walking towards Jay.

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