Just like the others

Hi, I'm Maddie Stone. I am 18 years old. I have long brown hair and I have blue eyes. I live by myself in New York City. My parents had died when I was young and I don't have contact with any relitives. I was walking in the street and saw a sign that said 'New Artist Audtitions'. I decided that sense I sing for money on the street and people are always telling me that one day I'd be as famous as like Cher Lloyd, that I would give it a shot.


4. Chapter 4

Maddie's POV

It was around midnight and Tom and I were laying on the beach listening to Siva and Nathan fight and Max and Jay were watching funny videos on their laptop. "Hey Maddie, come here real quick." Jay told me. I got up and sat down next to him. "Yeah?" I asked him. "Look at this video. It's about a girl who thought she had the worst life ever, but then she met here soon to be 5 best friends." He said as he started the video. It was my audition and the fights and the kissing. "You guys recorded that?" I asked. "Yeah. Only so we can show people that no matter how bad life is. It will always get better." Max said smiling. I smiled and hugged them. "I love you guys." "We love you too." They said hugging me. "Maddie! Help!" Nathan yelled. I got up and ran to them and sat down. "Shhh. Your gonna wake up Tom." I said acting like their mom. "But mommy." Siva whined. "No buts. Go to your room." I said pointing at Max and Jay. "Butt!" They all shouted making Tom wake up. "Ha! You said butt." he said making everyone laugh. "You know, there is a cruise and I thought maybe we could go." Jay said smiling. "I can't stand boats after watching Titanic." Nathan and I said at the same time. "Ha." Max said mocking us. "Shut it!" Nathan yelled pulling out his pretend gun. "NO! Don't shoot me!" Max said running away in slow mo. "Bam!" Nathan screamed pretending to shoot Max. Max fell on his aide and started screaming. "Max, I was just pretending." Nathan said walking over to him. I walked over and saw Max laying with his eyes open and saw someone on his side. I got down on one need and turned him over. "Oh my god." I said getting Max up. "What?" Siva asked coming over with Tom and Jay. They looked down and gasped. There was a knife wedged in the sand. "Call 911!" Tom yelled. Jay took out his phone and dialled the number. We took Max to the car and put him on a towel. I stopped the bleeding. The ambulance finally arrived about three minutes later. We got Max in the ambulance and we drove to the hospital. When we got there, Tom and I rushed to the lady at the counter. "Hello. What room is Max George in?' I asked her making her look up. "Room 147." she said looking back down. "Thank you." Tom said running away following me. Jay and Siva were following us. when we got to the room, the doctor had just come out. "What's the news doc?" Jay asked. "The doctor sighed. "Your friend has lost some blood, but he'll be fine.........maybe." The doctor said making our eyes go wide. "What do you mean by maybe?" Siva asked making the doctor sigh. "He might die because of the blood loss, but trust me, that won't happen." The doctor said. We all agreed and went into Max's room. He was lying on the bed looking lifless. I saw him open one of his eyes and he closed it immediately. "Max?" I asked. "Yea?" He asked keeping his eyes closed. "Are you okay?" Jay asked sitting down on the chair. "Yea. It just really hurt." He said streching. "Sorry Max." Siva said. "About what?" Max asked sitting up. "I put the knife there." Siva said turning away. "Siva. How could you?" Nathan asked going over to him. "I never thought he would fall on it." Siva screamed walking out. He will now be called Siva the Diva. "Siva wait." I said walking after him. "No one is blamming you." I said putting my hand on his shoulder. He turned his head. "That wasn't meant for Max. That was meant for Tom." He said walking away. I walked back into the room. "What's wrong?" Tom asked hugging me. "He said that the knife was meant for you." I said drifting off. Tom's grip got looser. He finally let go and walked out. "What happned?" Nathan asked outting his hand on my shoulder. "The knife was meant for Tom." I said turning around. Nathan sighed and I hugged him. "Sorry to interupt, but we need some tests on Max." The doctor said coming in. We walked to the door and waved by to Max. When the doctor wasn't looking Max covered his.....you know. We laughed and walked out. "Great." Nathan said putting his shades on. "What?" I asked looking outside. "Paperazzi." He said handing me a pair of glasses. "Put these on and pull your hair up." He said. I put my hair up and put the shades on. We walked out without paperazzi noticing us. We walked about a few blocks and saw Siva crying on one of the benches. "Siva, what's up?" I asked sitting down. "Tom." He said looking up. "What about Tom?" Nathan asked sitting on the other side os Siva. He didn't say anything. He just got out his phone and gave it to me.

From: Tom

If the knife was meant for me, I'll make up happy.

With that there was a little video of him cutting himself over and over. The phone had fallen when he was cutting himself. There was a bang in the background. "Siva where is he?" I asked shooting up from the bench. He looked at his phone. "Somewhere in there." He said pointing to the woods. Nathan sighed and he pulled Siva up. I ran into the woods with Nathan and Siva following me. I almost ran into a tree. I stopped and looked around. "Nathan. Siva. Where are you guys?" I yelled getting nerveous. I'd only come into the woods for someone specail. I am totally afraid of the woods. I started walking around and I saw a little cabin. "Children of the corn." I mumbled under my breath walking towards the cabin.

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