Just like the others

Hi, I'm Maddie Stone. I am 18 years old. I have long brown hair and I have blue eyes. I live by myself in New York City. My parents had died when I was young and I don't have contact with any relitives. I was walking in the street and saw a sign that said 'New Artist Audtitions'. I decided that sense I sing for money on the street and people are always telling me that one day I'd be as famous as like Cher Lloyd, that I would give it a shot.


3. Chapter 3

Maddie's POV

I'm starting to become famous and it is bad for me. People are coming up to me asking for my address and my number. Jay just told me to walk away from them. Jay was like the brother I never had. Siva, Nathan and Max were my best friends. Tom is now officially my boyfriend. Woot woot! Siva and Nathan playfully fight. A LOT! Sometimes they actully hurt each other. I have to break them up. Today we were planning on going to the movies sense we couldn't go the other day because of the fans. "Ready to go?" I heard Max yell from down stairs. I looked at the clock. I woke up late. "Hold on!" I yelled running to the bathroom. I took a really fast shower. I got out and dried my hair. I ran to my room with my towel rapped around me. I shut and locked the door. I went to my droor and got my clothes. I got my 'I Love NY' shirt. I put on whits skinny jeans and my new black TOMS. When I was getting dressed, someone knocked on my door. "Yea?" I asked getting my shirt on. "Can I talk to you real quick?" Someone asked. "Yeah hold on." I said getting my shoes on. I went to the door and opened it. "We're not going to the movies today." Tom said. "What?" I asked him. "Someone told the fans that we were going so we decided not to go. Insted we're going to the beach." He told me. "Get out and let me get dressed." I told him pushing him to the door. "Ugh. If I have to." He said. "Ha ha ha." I laughed. I locked the door and went to my dresser. I pulled out a blue bikini and jean shorts and a purple tank top. I got dressed and got my sandles with little monkeys on it. I went down stairs and the boys were staring at me. "What?" I asked. "You look different." Siva said. "I look like I always do." "No, no. You just look different." "What ever." I said. I didn't look different, but I felt different. They just kept looking at me. "Your arm." Jay announced happily. I looked down and saw that the scar on my arm was gone. "Oh yeah." I said. I felt like I was going to cry every time someone reminds me of it. "Can you tell us why you did it." Nathan asked pulling me over to the couch. I sat down and sighed. "Okay. So it was a few months ago before I auditioned. I was still living in the foster home and I had this one girl that would pick on everyone. one day, she was pushing one of the nicest boys you would ever meet so I went over there and told her to stop. She started yelling at me. She grabbed me and took me to the kitchen. I didn't know what she was doing till I looked up. She stood there with a knife and before I knew it, she just full on cut me. That's pretty much why I got to leave." I told them with tears down my face. Tom came over and hugged me. "It's ok Maddie." Max said rubbing my leg. "Max, that's the weirdest thing you've ever done to me." I told him making him laugh a bit. "Are we gonna go to the beach or what?" Tom asked jumping up making me laugh. "Cha!" Siva yelled running to the door. He ended up tripping and he hit his face on the door. "Don't trip over the chair." Nathan said walking past him. Siva got up and starting chasing Nathan. "Not again!" I yelled running after them. Jay and Max ran to the car and Tom just stood at the door laughing at me, Siva and Nathan. I stopped and looked at him. "You gonna help me pretty boy?" I asked. He ran after Siva and I got Nathan to get in the car. I sat in the middle of him and Siva. Tom sat infront of me. Jay sat next to Tom and Max had to drive. "Don't wreck." I yelled making Max jump. I laughed at him. On our way, Tom started singing really loudly. "Hit the right key!" Jay yelled covering his ears. I laughed at them and Tom looked at me. "Don't laugh at me! It's not even funny!" He yelled making me laugh harder. When we got to the beach, I went over Nathan trying to get out. "Tom! Your girlfriends trying to rape me!" He yelled. Tom looked at me and I smiled. "We are over!" He shouted dramaticly running out of the car. "Tom!" I yelled acting like I was about to cry. "I'll go out with you!" Jay yelled hugging me. "She's mine!" Tom yelled running to me and picking me up. He had me over his shoulder running to the ocean. Good thing that Max got lost like five times so no one was at the beach. "Don't you throw me in Thomas Parker!" I yelled. "Too bad." He said throwing me in the water. I went under and opened my eyes. I came back up and saw them laughing at me. "Shut up and help me!" I yelled swimming to them. "Tom to the rescue!" Tom yelled jumping in. He swam to me and when he got to me he kissed me. "I love you and I'm sorry for throwing you in." He said as he pulled away. "Too bad." I mocked pushing him under. I swam to land and stood up. I looked at the boys and Nathan was staring at me. I looked down. I looked back up. "What?" I asked. "Your hair looks so pretty wet." He said. I pretended to slap him. "Bad boy!" I yelled running away. He started chasing me. "Don't touch my girl!" Tom yelled running towards me.

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