Just like the others

Hi, I'm Maddie Stone. I am 18 years old. I have long brown hair and I have blue eyes. I live by myself in New York City. My parents had died when I was young and I don't have contact with any relitives. I was walking in the street and saw a sign that said 'New Artist Audtitions'. I decided that sense I sing for money on the street and people are always telling me that one day I'd be as famous as like Cher Lloyd, that I would give it a shot.


1. Chapter 1

Maddie's POV

"Next!" I heard the man sitting at the desk yell. Good thing I was the last to audition. There were five judges and they weren't that harsh, but still scary. The judges were like the best band in the world also known as The Wanted. Max George, Siva Kanesworth, Nathan Sykes, Jay McGuiness and Tom Parker.  There were about five more people in front of me. I went to sit on the chair and practice, but I ended up falling asleep. About fourty-five minutes later I felt someone shaking me. "Ma'am, it's almost time for your audition." I big musculy man said. I nodded my head and got my guitar out. "Next!" One of them yelled. I got up and walked on stage. Good, nobody was allowed in, but the judges. I grabbed a stool and a microphone. I sat down and waited for them to talk and ask me questions. "Hello, what's you name." Jay asked. "I'm Maddie." I said through the microphone. "What's your last name?" Nathan asked me. "Stone." I replied. They all looked at each other and nodded. "What are gonna sing for us?" Siva asked. "Oath by Cher Lloyd." I said getting my guitar ready. They talked to each other for a minute. "You can go now." Max said. I took a deep breath. "Yo, my best friend, best friend till the very end. Cause best friends, best friends don't have to pretend. You need a hand, and I'm right there right beside you. You in the dark, I'll be the bright light to guide you. Remember all the times, times, times we snuck out of the house. All of the times, times, times you had to doubt. And don't forget all the trouble we got into. We got something you can't undo do. Laughing so damn hard crashed your dads new car. All the scars we shared. I promise I swear. Where ever we go just always remember. You got a home for now and forever. If you get alone just call me when ever. This is my oath to you." I strummed the last string. I looked up and saw their faces. They were all smiling like idiots. Except for Tom. Something was bothering him. "Was that bad?" I asked making him look up. They all looked at Tom. "Answer her." Nathan said pointing at me. "No, that wasn't bad at all. That was the best one I've heard all day." He said forcing a fake smile. "Yeah. It really was." Max said getting up. They all followed him. "Does that mean I'm in?" I asked getting excited. They all looked at each other. "Yes!" They screamed at the same time. Oh my god. I'm gonna go on tour with my favorite band. The flipping Wanted. They all came and hugged me. "Good job." Tom whispered in my ear making me smile. "We'll come help you pack your things." Siva said smiling. "There's not a lot so it'll be quick." I told them getting my guitar. We all walked out to their limo. I got in and saw nothing, but awesomeness. "Wow." I said sitting down. Tom sat down next to me with Siva on the other side of him. Nathan, Max and Jay sat on the other side. We pretty much joked the entire time there. They had the best lives ever. When we got there I ran out because Jay was poking me. "Stop it Jay!" I yelled closing the door on him and locking it. "Let me in." He pouted. I rolled my eyes and let him in. I ran upstaires into my room. I got my two suitcases and got my stuff ready. I had gotten evrything from my clothes to my hair brush. It all fit in one thing. I put my blankets in the other suitcase. I grabbed my guitar and put it all outside my room. I looked around and saw nothing, but my empty room and one picture. I walked over to it and picked it up. It was a picture of Me and my parents when I was younger. I wanted to cry at the thought of them. "That your parents?" Tom asked scaring the crap out of me. "Don't do that again!" I yelled pushing him playfully. "What happened?" He asked. "They were murdered." I told him walking out of my room. Jay helped me take my stuff to the car. "What's that?" Jay asked pointing to my arm. I looked and saw the scar from where I cut myself yesterday. "Nothing." I said pulling my sleeve down. "What's wrong." Max asked coming over to us. Jay took my arm and pulled the sleeve off. "What happened here?" Nathan asked. I was about to talk when Tom pulled me to the side. "Did you do that because of your parents?" He asked. I couldn't talk so I just nodded. I hugged him and cried in his shoulder. "It's okay." He said pulling me closer. We all got in the car. We starting driving. "Boys. Where's Siva?" I asked. They all looked around. We were about to pull over when Siva popped out of the back. "Helloooooo!" He yelled making me jump. "Siva. Not with her around." Jay said pulling him over the seat. "Nice underwear." I laughed making him pulling his pants up.

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