A Plane crash to remember – A One Direction story

this is my essay for tomorrow...its not a love story and its not a happy story... please don't give me hate for this...My essay has to have death in it... dont read if you cry easily :(


1. A Plane crash to remember – A One Direction story


We stood in the long line with our suitcases in hand ready to check into our United 747 Flight that was taking of this afternoon, our manager Paul was giving us a whole pep talk about how we were absolutely not to talk to any fans in the airport while we were still in America. The queue was short and when we got to the front of the line a lady was there to check our passports and print our boarding Passes.


“OMG, you boys are One Direction! My Daughter is a huge fan of you all! Do you mind if I take a quick picture?”  The lady asked taking out her flip phone without our consent first.


We looked at Paul who gave us a quick nod that said “fine, but this is the only one today”.


The Lady finished taking her picture and handed us our boarding passes, we thanked her and moved on.



      We went through security fairly quickly, Niall was stopped for having food in his pocket but they didn’t bother him to much about it before we were sent on our way.


We headed to A6 which was our gate to the flight was that would be taking us from here in Washington to our destination in LHR(London).


Our flight did not take off for another half-hour so we had time to kill, me (Harry), Zayn and Louis decided to go get some food before our flight and came back just before our flight was taking off.


We boarded the flight first since we were first class(being famous has its advantages) and sat down in our allocated spots.


 About ten minutes after we were boarded and the passenger doors were shut the safety announcement came on and I fastened my seatbelt. I always have kind of ignored the safety stuff.


When the plane took off I sat back in my seat and rested whilst thinking about how annoying Taylor swift was when I dated her.


     The flight was a total of seven hours from Washington to London.

When we were safe in the air I lifted my head up to take out my iphone and put on some music, once I settled on A-Team by Ed Sheeran,  I lifted my white beats to my ears and drowned out the noises of the jet.


I decided to look out the window and saw that the air was clear all around the plane with an occasional white fleck of cloud, but in the front of the plane there was a huge gray-blackish cloud that we were headed straight into.


Since we were near the front of the plane we heard some talk from the flight attendants about turning around, but apparently instead they were going to try pursue the storm.


The turbulence in the aircraft was intense as we were riding the black wave outside and there was a deathly silence throughout the entire cabin like we were all forbidden to speak.


When we were in the middle of the storm you could tell because the turbulence was something like never before, some baby was crying near the back of the flight and the faces of the people around me were white.


Suddenly all the lights in the cabin snapped off, there was several gasps from all sides of me but I was too caught up in the black foggy mist that was settling over the aircraft.  The only thing that was left visible were the illuminated lights on both sides of the floor.


      It started to get cold so I wrapped myself back in my blanket and shut off my iPhone the silence except for the baby crying was death in itself and I hated every moment of it. I think everyone knew what everyone was thinking but it was Louis who put it in words.


“ We are going to die” he said, and that was all that was said before the worst came.


There was a big thud and then it felt like I was falling, falling, falling! The speed of my heart was incredible considering this started a matter of seconds ago, there was screaming and crying and cursing, and I don’t thing I have ever seen Liam more scared then he was at this moment.


There were some people scrambling to get exit doors open, life vests on and inflatable rafts blown up.


I couldn’t move, I was frozen. This scary moment that was only a few seconds of falling from the sky seemed to last forever. I thought about my Mom at home, I thought about the fans who would never see us again, I thought about my friends, The x-factor, My career, My life, but lastly I thought about the boys who were sitting there in the cabin with me. Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn… I thought about One Direction and with that last final thought I could die happy.


There was a loud ‘SMACK’ and it was the force of the large plane hitting the water that broke me forever leaving me paralyzed in my right arm.


I stood up from my seat and looked around at the tangled mess of steam and metal that was left of the wreck, many people were getting out of the flight and onto the rafts but I couldn’t yet I needed to know if the boys were okay.


I noticed that the place where Zayn and Louis sat was empty which meant that they must have been safely out of the plane but when I got over too where Niall and Liam sat the tears started coming immediately.


Niall was laying on his back in the seat the force of the plane must have slammed him into the metal tray in front of him… he was bleeding from his side and his face was completely pale with flecks of splattered blood …Niall Horan was dead.


Liam and Paul were also found dead on the floor of the flight and I had no choice but to exit the aircraft leaving there bodies behind.


    I am sad to say that this is the end of the story but I am happy to say that the rest of us were safe and got back to England to a sea a fans who were shocked, confused, and concerned that Niall nor Liam was with us. Everything was soon explained and for the next few days the world grieved with us. Me, Zayn and Louis started our own solo careers from that point on there was no more One Direction and there was no more talk of One Direction and for all we know today there never really was a One Direction. 

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